Toolwiz Time Freeze - instant system restore software

toolwiz time freeze
toolwiz time freeze

When you're on Windows and love to install a whole bunch of stuff from more or less dubious origins, you have to know how to stay vigilant.

You probably have a properly configured anti-virus and firewall. But if you're even more reckless, virtualization software is a plus.

Toolwiz Time Freeze simply offers to freeze your Windows while you do your little things. It is now possible to safely test a questionable program without the risk of damaging the system.

Indeed, Toolwiz Time Freeze is a useful, light and easy to use software. It allows to restore a system as it was before a perilous manipulation or an infection.

This program will simply clone your working environment, virtualize it, in order to be able to attempt risky operations: surfing on a shady site, opening an insecure attachment or installing software that does not have a security signature.

Before doing this kind of action, switch to virtual mode so as not to contaminate your PC. If there is no risk, the changes will be made to your real system.

How to use Toolwiz Time Freeze?

To freeze your computer with Time Freeze: download the program and start the installation. Done Install now when you will be presented with the user agreement and accept the restart that will be offered to you.

When you find the Windows desktop, you will have a new icon at the bottom of the systray near the clock. By hovering the mouse over it, you will know whether the different protection modes are activated or not.
When you are about to do something that risks your PC, click Start Time Freeze in the main window.
When you are done with your potentially dangerous operations, do Stop TimeFreeze.
A window will then ask you if you want to return to the mode. Normal taking into account the modifications made or on the contrary, restart the PC by returning to the configuration which was yours before clicking on Start TimeFreeze.  I advise you to scan your PC before choosing the first solution.