All you need to know about Torrents: info and advice

all about torrents info and advice
all about torrents info and advice

Computer torrents are small files allowing data transfer including movies, games or other, between two or more computers having the same file at the same time.

These files use the BitTorrent protocol which allows you to receive and send computer data to a large number of Internet users using this protocol, and what is called P2P (peer & peer).

Therefore, you simply need to search for a French torrent of your choice (film, music game or others) and download it to your PC to begin the exchange, that is to say the reception and transmission of the data, of course you need BitTorrent software that accepts this exchange. Torrent files are processed by specialized software, called torrent clients.

How exactly does the BitTorrent protocol work?

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer data transfer protocol. It works as follows:

Each time an Internet user downloads a file on a server, he shares at the same time the parts of the file that he has already received with other Internet users. He immediately becomes a server in his turn, even if he only has a very small part of the file. Indeed, as soon as parts of the desired file are downloaded, they are available to other users.

The original server is no longer the only source of the file: The load is distributed among everyone who is downloading.

The more popular a file is, the more Internet users download it, and therefore the more Internet users share it at the same time.
The more popular a file, the easier it is to download.

How torrents work and use

Torrents use the Internet's bandwidth to download the desired data from other Internet users who have the same torrent file, and who share it on the Internet.

The advantage of this protocol is that you can download a file quickly if you have a large number of people (seeders) that share the same torrent. In addition, the download is divided into small segments which allows to have a high reception speed through servers called Trackers.

A tracker is a program installed on a server that keeps the list of PCs downloading a file up to date.

When you download a file through BitTorrent, it informs the tracker which file you are downloading, and where you are. In return, the tracker gives you a list of IP addresses of computers that also have bits of the file. This allows you to quickly obtain a list of computers that have the file in order to connect to it, and therefore retrieve the file more quickly.

So to download data (movies, games, series, etc.) through torrents, you must have BitTorrent software like this qbittorent which moreover a French and open source alternative to utorrent and the easiest to use. Then you have to download the torrent file of your choice which you can find it easily on the internet.

Normally this file has a .torrent extension, then you will open this file with the software to start the download.

Find the best torrent files

Usually you can find torrents such as The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrent in specialized sites, where there are thousands of torrents of all types. However files in French such as films or games are rare to find, for this you can search for your torrent on T411 or where there are a large number of torrents in French and a large number of (seeders), you can also search in search engines like Torrentus or directly in the qBitorrent software.

Choose the right torrent

The best torrent is the one with the most seeders (providers) and with good trackers (servers), so you have to look for a torrent with a good number of seeders often more than 100 and of course you have to check the quality and size of the file to download.

Are .torrent files legal or not?

Between independent films, certain documentaries or free software, it is not always easy to know whether a particular .torrent file is legal or not.

Of course when it comes to a blockbuster picked up on Cpasbien, pw or, there is no room for doubt, but if you ask for example if you can calmly download Steak this Film (a documentary on the property intellectual) so how do we know?

Well to answer this, there is TorrentTags, a site which simply asks you for the hash or .torrent and which will dig into the bases of its own listing provided by the rights holders to tell you if this or that torrent is “legal”. ".

To do this, go to ! Place the .torrent file or paste the identification hash and do Submit. If you see a small green dot, the download is legal!


After a test that I did on several torrent files, I can say that TorrentTags still needs to prove itself in terms of usefulness and reliability. But the principle is interesting, because, if it works, TorrentTags could ultimately be an incredible resource for protecting BitTorrent users.