Download your Torrents almost instantly thanks to the could

seedr torrent
seedr torrent

Last updated: December 25, 2022

You probably know that torrent files are processed by specialized software, called torrent client.

To work, you must install software on your computer such as Utorrent or qbittorrent in order to start the download. However, BitTorrent evolves and downloading techniques evolve with it.

Rather than installing BitTorrent software to download torrent files, there are now free online services that make your job easier and allow you to download torrents almost instantly and in a secure manner.

Among these online services, I prefer the service which allows you to quickly and free download French torrent thanks to the cloud.

the Seedr service is a Seedbox. It is actually a dedicated server equipped with a high-speed line that is used exclusively for downloading torrents. This server is responsible for download your torrent from cloud directly. By hiding your IP address from the public and with a free offer. you could then get it as a direct download! Practice !

On the other hand, you will not find files to download on the latter, it is not a tracker like T411 or even torrent9.

Seedr simply offers you a cloud service. Thanks to this your IP address will be anonymous without needing to use VPN software.

Note that Seedr limits the storage and overall size of downloaded files to 2GB in its free version. Sufficient space to download your favorite linux distribution. ;

How to download torrents from the cloud?

To use the Seedr service, you must first register here. Enter your email address and a password.

In the main interface of the site, click on the arrow pointing upwards to choose, via the explorer, the torrent of the file you want to download.

The download happens instantly. Your file is automatically placed in a folder with the same name of the torrent. To read a file, just double-click on the one you want to view.

To download and recover the file on your computer, click on the download icon.

I emphasize that the time during which you download the files located on the Seedr server will depend on your connection speed.