Two clicks are enough to download Torrent files

torrent download
torrent download

qBittorrent is arguably the go-to choice for many users. Deluge and Transmission are also good Torrent clients. And if you're still using uTorrent, you should probably replace it with another more secure torrent client.

If you are looking for a lightweight and secure Bittorrent client, PicoTorrent is another alternative to Utorrent which you can install on your PC. The program is free, open source and developed in C ++ (Qt).

PicoTorrent takes the gamble of simplicity when solutions like µTorrent tend to become more complex. With PicoTorrent, two clicks are enough to download torrent files.

The program interface looks a lot like Bittorrent may be much cleaner. This can be attributed to the lack of a toolbar.

You can add torrents to it by dragging and dropping them, or using the File menu or pasting a snap link. Oh, and this is what the "Add Torrent" window looks like.

PicoTorrent Features

PicoTorrent only integrates the features necessary for a good Torrent download experience.

Among these features are:

  • Download files torrent.
  • Possibility to select the priority of each file.
  • Management of a queue.
  • Download and upload limit.
  • Support for a proxy server.
  • Possibility of importing Torrent files from µTorrent and qBittorrent software.


PicoTorrent is quite basic compared to qBittorrent, Deluge and the others. There is room for improvement, but even in its current state it is very usable. Its strong points that I like: no advertising, carefully selected features, a native user interface that fits perfectly into my desktop. Nothing very sophisticated but the program does its job well.