The 5 Best Torrent Clients for Windows

torrent clients
torrent clients

Last updated: January 1, 2023

You probably know what BitTorrent is, this protocol that allows you to exchange and share files with everyone.

Unlike the direct download, it is a download method based on bandwidth sharing and decentralization.

Each time an Internet user downloads a file on a server, he simultaneously shares the ends of the file that he has already received with other Internet users. It immediately becomes a server in its turn, even if it only owns a very small part of the file. Indeed, as soon as parts of the desired file are downloaded, they are available to other users.

To take full advantage of the BitTorrent protocol, you must already use torrent client software. Here I will present the 5 best French torrent clients. I'm not going to name the two most famous torrent clients, and for good reason: over the years, µtorrent and BitTorrent have become gas factories, full of advertisements, when they are not used to undermine bitcoin without your knowledge.

The alternatives presented here are best from any point of view.


It is a reliable and effective alternative to the heavyweight Torrent clients such as µTorrent or Bittorrent. Deluge is lightweight, open source, cross-platform, allows downloads to be encrypted and accommodates many plugins.

Thanks to this system, you can make Deluge the torrent client of your dreams, adding functions as you need, without ever overloading it with unnecessary options.

Finally, Deluge stands out from its competitors by its low consumption of system resources.

Download Deluge


Vuze is one of the essential BitTorrent clients. Searching for torrents, downloading, subscribing to streams to find similar content, video player... Vuze is a war machine packed with features, some of which you'll probably never use.

It is easy to use, available in French and cross-platform. To use without hesitation! Please note, the free version of the software contains some ads.

Download Vuze


Tribler is free peer-to-peer data exchange software using a protocol similar to BitTorrent.

The particularity of Tribler is to have implemented a system resembling that of Tor: the connections (encrypted) go through different servers to scramble the tracks in order to maintain a maximum anonymity.

The function is still experimental and, by the developers' own admission, does not protect against government agencies for example. The technology code is open, however, so if you feel like lending a hand…

Download Tribler


qBittorent is a client that lovers of early versions of uTorrent will love. It is light, simple and offers practical and clear options.

qBittorrent aims to be lightweight in terms of CPU and RAM usage. It is also cross-platform with compatibility with operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux.

Download qBittorrent


Transmission makes it very easy to download torrent files. It includes all the expected functions and even more, for sustained speed and immediate handling. Transmission exists for Mac, Windows and Linux, that way everyone is happy.

Download Transmission