Play a torrent file immediately without waiting for it to download

read torrent
read torrent

You who love downloads, the wait is sometimes too long to read your favorite series and movies. French streaming may be the solution, but not possible to keep them on your computer.

Why not read its content immediately and let the download take place in the background ?

WebTorrent Desktop does all of that. Start your download and enjoy the start of your series, movie or song while you wait for the rest to download.

WebTorrent Desktop will allow you to play any torrent on your pc. Contrary to torrent client traditional formats, you won't have to wait for the download to finish to enjoy your media. You just have to click on it to launch it and start reading it.

Of course, the fluidity depends on the connection, but it works pretty well even if it is still in beta.

It's free, with no ads, and the source code is available on Github. Moreover, you can create your own torrents very easily and start seeding them.

How to play a torrent file with WebTorrent Desktop?

Download and stream

WebTorrent Desktop comes in the form of a simple software to install on his computer. After launching it, you will find yourself in front of a gray window… and empty.

There, all you have to do is drag your french torrent file or a magnet link on it to start downloading related content. The download starts automatically. You immediately begin to seeder.

If you are tired of it, you can delete the torrent using the little cross that appears when you hover the mouse over said torrent. The right click brings other options like copy the magnet link (Copy Magnet Link to Clipboard) or display the torrent folder (Show in Folder).

Play torrent file while downloading

As soon as the download starts, you can play it. Click the Play icon here we go. You can browse at your leisure in the video even if it is not downloaded the software will simply download the part you want to see first. It's fluid and quite efficient. On the other hand, for the musics (an entire album), no problem: it can be read via WebTorrent and you can change the song at your leisure as well.

Create your Torrents

What better way for the community than to share their own torrents? It's very easy to do with the software. Click on File then Create New Torrent from File, choose your file and go. Right click on the newly created torrent and copy the magnet link or save the torrent to share via Save Torrent File As…