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french streaming site
french streaming site

Difficult to choose between streaming and BitTorrent. The first offers immediacy while the second offers quality content.

Popcorn Time nevertheless combines the two by allowing watch a movie for free and in good quality from BitTorrent. And you don't even need to search for compatible files since you just have to click in the list and heat the popcorn.

What is Popcorn Time?

Le stream allows you to immediately see what you want, but often the quality is not there. THE BiTorrent protocol, conversely, often offers movies for download in addition to having to find a torrent file.

Popcorn Time will make everyone agree since it is a free software for streaming video over the Internet via the BitTorrent peer-to-peer network protocol.

Popocorn Time is distributed under the GPLv3 license. It allows you to search among the videos available on the BitTorrent network and view them instantly in high definition with subtitles in different languages.

No torrent client, download or ratio to manage here. Just choose your movie in the main interface or find it by search word.

In Popcorn Time, administrators select .torrents for you, remove unhealthy ones and replace them. For the user, all the “painful” part is therefore removed.

How to watch streaming movies?

  • Download and install it Popcorn Time software by following this link. Upon startup, your firewall will surely show up. Do Allow access to display the interface.
Popcorn Time interface
  • As you can see there are hundreds of movies. The most viewed are on the main window, but you can also search by keyword or genre.
  • Click once on a film to view the synopsis on the right. By hovering over the movie poster you can choose the quality and subtitles.
  • If the latter does not understand French it is probably because it is too recent. Click Watch Now.
Popcorn Time interface
  • The film will then begin to scrape but instead of downloading any piece of the film, the software will buffer the beginning. After a few seconds, the session begins.
  • You can choose the language of the subtitle in the small bubble at the bottom right or change the size of the text.

More than half of the films present include subtitles fr and all have at least English subtitles. Ideal for a movie session at home when you have nothing to eat.