Netflix: my best tips

netflix tip

With a rich offering of several thousand films, series and documentaries, including many exclusives, Netflix is the most popular video-on-demand service today. Already subscribed ? My tips will allow you to really enjoy it to the fullest!

Create profiles

Join together to share a subscription Netflix is a good way to reduce the cost of service. In this case, create a profile for each user, so that everyone can find the history of what they have viewed, and benefit from appropriate suggestions. To do this, simply click on Add a profile, right after logging in to the service.

Or click on the menu, top right, and choose Manage profiles.

Activate parental controls

A Youth profile allows you to limit the accessible content to films and series suitable for children. But nothing prevents them from switching to your profile to bypass the limitation!

The solution is to activate the parental control. To do this, go to Account. Then in the profiles and parental controls section, select the profile to restrict. In the list that appears, click Locking profiles.

Enter a PIN code and check the box “ Request the entry of a PIN code to access the profile"

Finally click on Save to limit access to this profile.

Adjust video quality

Netflix automatically adjusts video quality based on connection speed. But it is possible to control this parameter yourself. First select the relevant profile, and from the menu, select Accountthen Play settings (in the My Profile section).

Choose Low to reduce data consumption, Medium, or High for better image quality. Click on Save to validate your choice.

Clear Netflix History

You started to watch a film, but ultimately you don't like it? The problem is that Netflix will continue to offer it to you in the Resume section…
Solution: delete the movie from your Netflix history. To do this, choose Account in the Netflix menu, then in the profiles and parental control section, click on your profile then on History.

You can delete a title by clicking on the icon at the end of the line, or empty the entire history by hiding everything.

Customize the subtitles

You can adjust theappearance of subtitles, if you find them difficult to read, or on the contrary a little too present on the screen.

To do this, choose Account in the menu at the top right, then click on Display subtitles. There you can change the font or text size, choose shading, etc. The text displayed at the top of the window reflects these choices. Validate with save.

Favor the original version

Do you prefer to watch films and series in the original version? Start playing, then click on the Audio and subtitles bubble at the bottom right of the image. Select the language [VO] in the audio section, and French in the Subtitles section. Afterwards, Netflix will continue to offer you VO by default, as long as you do not modify these choices.