14 signs to know if you are addicted to the Internet

internet media addict
internet media addict

Have you become internet addict ? Do you think the internet is a basic need like eating and sleeping? Is your computer controlling your life?
In this article, I share with you the signs that will let you know if you are addicted to the Internet

  • You refuse to go on vacation to a place without electricity or a phone line.
  • To choose between your phone or the Internet, you prefer to lose your phone.
  • You look at your email: “No message. And you check again.
  • You have ever had an online love affair.
  • If you are a woman, you don't even notice that your husband has been wearing a beard for 2 months.
  • If you're a man, you haven't even noticed that your wife has gone to live with her mother.
  • At three in the morning, you get up for an urgent need and look on your way back to see if you have received any emails.
  • The last woman you met was in Jpeg.
  • Your dog has his own Facebook profile like Mark Zuckerberg
  • Your wife says communication is important in a marriage. So you buy a second computer that you connect to the first so that both of you can talk.
  • All you dream of is a faster internet connection.
  • Suddenly, when you leave your screen to take a piss, you realize that there is no noise in the house, and you don't even know where the children are.
  • You miss meals because you are chatting on Facebook
  • You can't remember the last time or you wrote an entire letter with a paper and a pen.
  • You tell your little brothers that they can't use the computer because big brother has work to do… when you don't even have a job.

If like me, you approve of almost all of what is listed above, then allow me to tell you that you are INTERNET ADDICTED.
If you have any other signs then feel free to share them with us in a comment!