The 10 Best Paid Streaming Sites

For a few years now, we have seen more and more legal streaming sites arriving in our country. Indeed, depending on the years, this phenomenon grows in the USA without necessarily making its mark in France.

Then one day, Netflix landed and made everyone agree. At a time when we wondered how to fight against the pirate, the platform became a hit and paved the way for many other platforms.

Today, there are many and it is sometimes easy to get lost. So, to help you, we will see together 10 paid streaming sites that we recommend to you to spend a good evening in front of a film or a series.

Netflix: a reference for years

As we just told you, Netflix is today a pioneer in the world of paid streaming sites.

When the platform landed in France, it took everything in its path with a very attractive offer. Unfortunately, if we want to be complete, between the prices that keep going up and certain controversial decisions like the fact of wanting to charge a supplement to people doing account sharing, Netflix is ​​gradually losing its luster.

However, this is still a very good option if you ever want a service that offers you a lot of content in terms of series and movies. This is even more true when we know that Netflix also produces some of its content!

Disney +: relatively new, but a catalog provided

Disney+, it's a recent service, but as its name suggests, it offers its subscribers a simply huge catalog, made up of a large number of licenses, some of which are extremely popular.

Because yes, Disney is also Star Wars or even Marvel. For a while, the series catalog was below the competition, but the partnership with Starz two years ago has further fleshed out an already immensely rich catalog.

Prime Video: series, films and sports

Prime Video, it's another extremely serious competitor and one of its big strengths is that it has a completely crazy offer in terms of series and basic films.

To complete this, Prime Video also offers its very valuable VoD service.

But if you like sport, know that you can also find your happiness on this platform. Indeed, for 2 years, Prime Video broadcasts Roland Garros for free with hundreds of matches on the program.

Are you more of a football fan? No worries, with a supplement, you can watch almost all Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 matches every week.

Salto: the French Netflix

During his announcement Jump was very clear, its goal was to become the French Netflix, which sparked general hilarity on the French net. Indeed, it was then difficult to see how this could be a reality.

To be completely honest, today Salto is not on par with Netflix and other services that you have been introduced to. However, he gradually managed to make his mark with a few nice little picks in his catalog.

For the price, it's clearly a worthwhile service for quite a few people. 

My Canal: TV series and channels

Canal, it has existed for several decades, but recently faced with new means of consuming series and films, the platform had to adapt and it is My Channel who is born.

The principle of My Canal is then extremely simple. You will be able to have access to television channels, as if you were going through a classic decoder, but on top of that you have a platform where you can watch series which precisely pass on these chains.

The downside is that often you have two months to watch the episodes before they disappear. But having so many live channels with your subscription more than makes up for it.

Canal VoD, the VoD offer by Canal +

Just before we told you about My Canal which is the way the group has coped with the new means of consuming series and films, especially with regard to young populations, but a service existed before and still continues.

This service is VoD channel, the Canal group's video-on-demand service which offers a very good offer and it is for this reason that you will be able to find it in this article.

Apple TV +, the new kid with long teeth

behind all streaming services paying usual, not so long ago that Apple TV + exist. However, this service he clearly has long teeth and he aims to catch up.

For this, it can count on its presence on all Apple brand devices, but that's not all. In effect, series are produced exclusively for this platform to convince consumers.

FilmoTv and UniversCiné, VoD references

FilmoTv, it's a cinema-oriented VoD service, but if it doesn't necessarily make a lot of noise, it remains one of the leaders in its field. In effect, for example, it offers a partnership with Sens Critique to help users find what works for them.

In the same idea, we find UniversCine which remains among the best VoD services as far as films are concerned, even if here again, it is not necessarily the service that is most talked about.

Crunchyroll, the reference for Japanese anime fans

Finally, we had to finish with a service that many people passionate about Japanese culture know, Crunchyroll. Indeed, if you love manga and anime, this is clearly the paid streaming site for you! 

The Top Paid Streaming Sites: The Video Guide for Your Choice!


There, you now know the ten top streaming sites paying and therefore legal which are the best for the French public. Of course, not all of them will necessarily suit you and that's normal. Moreover, this is also the purpose of this article. Here, you are given the strengths and weaknesses of each service and then you just have to go to the one that seems to suit you the most.