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shortened url

Services that shorten web links (URLs) are very handy when it comes to sending a link to a Tweet or Facebook post. The problem is that it is not possible to know to which site she is directing. There is therefore a risk of contamination or Phishing.

Of course the links you will find in our pages are verified, but this may not be the case for all, especially the ones you receive by e-mail.

So if you have received an email from a relative asking you to click on a link shortened by a service like, or, then it is possible that this link directs you to dangerous content (malware , phishing, advertising ...).

Yes, evil exists on the internet just like in real life. Even someone you trust can send unsafe links without realizing it.

When we receive a slightly weird message with an associated link, it is better check this link .

To take no risk, go to the site URL expander, copy and paste your links into the window and click Expand. Without taking any risks, you will then know where these links point by reading the real URLs behind these addresses ...

Expande URLr is a free online service that allows you to find out which url is behind the shortcut link and to avoid certain traps of malicious Internet users. URL Expander supports any URL created using popular URL shortening services, such as TinyURL,,,,, and more.

Note that you can unmask more than one URL at a time by specifying only one per line.