Protect yourself from scam sites with Netcraft

protect yourself from fraudulent sites with netcraft
protect yourself from fraudulent sites with netcraft

Want to know if a site is potentially dangerous or not? Netcraft is an extension for Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome that allows you to check the integrity of a web page during its visit to avoid phishing and malicious or dangerous sites.

In the Netcraft icon, you will have the classic menus with the main types of attacks, the most frequented sites, etc.

For all the sites and pages you visit, the Netcraft bar gives you valuable information to know if the site is not the showcase of a phishing scam.

In report phish, you will find various information on the hosting of the site you are visiting, recurring examples of fraud or pro services. The green gauge next to it allows you to see at a glance whether you are surfing on a trusted site ... or not.


If in doubt, the toolbar then shows how long Netcraft has known the site (scam sites usually stay active for only a few days), popularity with other users, country of hosting and name of the organization. . And especially if the bar is orange or red, be careful!

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