Can we find free VPNs?

free vpn
free vpn

“Use a VPN” these days, you can read this phrase more and more on various forums and other platforms on the web. But what is a VPN?

To put it simply, and without going into technical details, a VPN (or Virtual Private Network, and in French for non-English speakers Virtual Private Network) is a technology increasingly used to secure Internet access by encrypting various data. entering and leaving your network.

But in concrete terms, what is a VPN for and who uses it?

From ordinary ordinary users who wish to better protect their data, to more experienced users who have real needs for anonymity on the web.

Depending on the actions they wish to take, the use of a VPN has really become democratized. One of the most classic uses of a good VPN is for example to protect yourself when downloading files, but also to have access to certain pages which are not always authorized according to your geolocation.


There are many VPN services, but it is important to choose well and to get informed before embarking on the configuration of these. I invite you to read this article:  how does a VPN use ?

Indeed, some may be subject to certain spyware or other, it is sometimes the price to pay for free services.

If you want to be sure of the quality of your free VPN, do not hesitate to consult the various forums available on the subject in order to better inform you.