How to find dead links on a website?

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The "404 error" pages are hitting you on the system? Your site is starting to have a lot of links and you would like to be able to check as quickly as possible to see if some of them are broken?

You would even want, why not, to establish this research for a site other than yours in order to better understand its structure? Xenu comes to your aid.

Swift like lightning              

Quite remarkably fast, Xenu is easy-to-use software that instantly "scans" an entire site for dead links.
It acts on hyperlinks, of course, but also takes care of links on images, plug-ins, frames, css, java applets and scripts. It can check the contents of a URI. Or that of local files, which is very practical when you do not have access to Adsl.

Reporting !

Another interest: the production of a report that gives the site map and lists the URLs.

You can have it sent to yourself by e-mail. Otherwise, you can always keep the results obtained by saving them to your hard drive. Also be aware that you can perform a new broken link check, and only two, at will.

 What is the HTML report for. Thanks to this report, webmasters can obtain the list of broken links by link and by page, that of valid URLs to forward to search engines.

It is also possible to consult a map of the HTML pages of the site, results statistics, and the list of orphan files.

How to find dead links with Xenu?


Start by download Xenu software  and install it on your computer. Once entered in the software interface, go to the File menu and select Check URL or click on the first icon to the left of the horizontal menu bar. In the first field, type the URL of the site whose links you want to check.



If you want to "scan" an entire site, all you have to do is click on OK at the bottom of the window: the search will start. In a few seconds you will discover, on a new page, the complete list of links. Valid ones are in green, broken links in red.



Xenu then asks you if you want to generate an HTML report.

Accept by clicking on yes. A dialog box then asks you for details on the data transfer (name of the host, password, etc.). Simply click on cancel to get the HTML report.


With the results window displayed, you can see which pages contain a broken link. To do this, right click on the link (in red, therefore) and choose Properties. The dialog shows them in pages linking to this one.