Check if a site is reliable before accessing it

check if link on to access it
check if link on to access it

You don't trust anything on the internet anymore, because of the explosive growth of hundreds of phishing sites. Want to know if a site is potentially dangerous or not? How to determine the credibility of a site?

In this article, we will see how to know if a site is reliable and what is its Web-Reputation?

With WOT (Web Of Trust), you will be able to avoid "bad" sites by alerting you to malicious sites or sites with bad reputations.

Web of trust (WOT, is a free tool that determines whether a site is potentially dangerous or not. This extension indicates by means of symbols the trusted sites where you can browse, search and buy risk-free. Thanks to a very active user community, many sites are rated and judged reliable, unreliable or dangerous.

How do you know if a site is reliable using WOT?

Step 1:

First of all, download and add WOT extension for your Chrome or Firefox browser. On the configuration page, which opens automatically, click continue to choose the Basic settings by default. On the next page, create a WOT account by entering your information or clicking on "connect with Facebook". Check the conditions box then press save.

Step 2:

The next time you go to Google to search, you'll see WOT icons appear next to each link. The green icon indicates a site is reliable, dangerous red and gray means not rated. Position the cursor on a link to bring up a WOT summary, then click to go to its WOT page.


Step 3:

WOT pages give you access to a site's reputation page. Scroll down to read reviews from other WOT users. If you agree with a comment, click on one of the associated icons. To add your own rating and comment, click on "Rate the website".

This is the opportunity to give a good rating to our Wot page and show that our blog is a reliable and trusted site. 🙂

Step 4:

Once on the rating page, click on the colored bars to rate the website as a trusted and family friendly site. Fill in the categories to consolidate your rating. Enter your comment in the text field then click on "Save".


To check or rate a site already open in your Chrome browser, click on the WOT icon in the favorites bar to open a summary in pop-up format and click on the color bars. Click on "view details and comments" to open their reputation page. Click on "My Profile" to view and edit your profile. "