Facebook: Has X been notified of your visit? True or false ?

facebook has been notified of your visit
facebook has been notified of your visit

Last updated: January 27, 2023

You have noticed on the Facebook profiles of some people the following message: "X has been notified of your visit on his Facebook profile "? You wonder is this really true?

Well the answer is No. It's wrong ! Facebook does not allow you to see who visits your profile. Third-party apps also do not offer this feature.

Apps that say they can show you who's visiting your Facebook profile are not only FAKE, but they're also a SCAM.

The message you found on a friend's Facebook profile is just a phrase written by them in the description section of their profile.

Can I receive notifications on Facebook when someone visits my Facebook profile?

Have you ever wondered how Facebook knows when someone has viewed your profile page? Are you curious how you can tell if someone viewed your facebook profile ?

Well, sorry to disappoint you but Facebook does not make certain information available to users of the application. This includes the specific identity of someone who has just viewed your Facebook profile. Although you will be notified if there has been any type of interaction such as a comment or a like, but someone just viewing your profile will not trigger any type of notification.

This is to help maintain a level of anonymity and confidentiality for users of the Facebook social network.

Indeed, for some reason users may wish to keep their viewing of a Facebook profile secret.

How to create this fake Facebook profile visit notification?

X has been notified of your visit to his Facebook profile

The method used in the image above consisted of using the naivety of Internet users to scare them. Indeed, just copy/paste a simple text in the biography of your profile.

To add an identical message to your profile, nothing could be simpler:

  • Access your profile from a web browser. Next, tap Edit Profile at the top of the screen.
  • In the "Write your bio" section, write the following sentence: "X has been notified of your visit on his Facebook profile ".
  • Replace X with your first name.
  • Tap Done.

Finally, avoid clicking on the link of posts that say if you click, you might see who is visiting your profile. It's piracy!

You may have seen it in the Facebook profile news feed, but don't click on it and report the post to Facebook.