Top 4 security apps for Android

android security
android security

Are you using an Android smartphone? You are therefore in a state of interception: all your telecommunications can be spied on.

Nowadays, the smartphone has become the key to all our personal data. We are storing more and more personal information on the latter. Are you sure your smartphone is secure?

Be aware that the installation of a Android antivirus does not mean that you are completely secure.

That's why I decided to share with you a short list of the best security apps that I use on my Android mobile.

Applications to encrypt your files, browse without leaving any traces ... many applications on Android that will allow you to keep control of your privacy.

So here are the best security apps that you must have in your device Android.

Signal (free)

Signal is an open source Android application designed to encrypt messages as they are sent or stored on your smartphone. Signal allows you to encrypt the content of your messages on the fly.
The server never has access to your communications and does not record any data about you

Download Signal 

Orbot Proxy with Tor (free)

Orbot: Tor for Android is an Android application that allows you to browse the web anonymously with your smartphone without your telecom operator being able to spy on you and without leaving traces.
Orbot Proxy allows you to create a private internet connection in order to encrypt your data.
Indeed, Orbot transmits information via a multitude of computers making your internet traffic transparent without ever knowing where it comes from. It also allows
access the darknet on android.
Download Orbot: Tor for Android

AppLock: lock your apps with a password

AppLock is a free Android application that allows you to keep certain applications safe, whether in the event of theft or simply to avoid the prying eyes of your loved ones.
AppLock allows you to simply configure a password that will protect all the applications of your choice, You can put a password to your application SMS, Contacts, Gallery, Gmail, Facebook, even settings and / or calls.
For sensitive data, you set the bans and that's it. It is even possible to prohibit the Wi-Fi connection or the installation of applications.
Download AppLock

Crypt4All Lite (AES)

Crypt4All Lite uses AES algorithm with 256 bits to encrypt and decrypt files. You can use it to encrypt files before putting them on files. online storage services (Google Drive, Skydrive, Box, Dropbox, Gmail, etc.) or to store sensitive files on your Android phone so that they are unreadable to curious people.
Download Crypt4All