6-digit code iPhone forgotten: unlock itiPhone without computer in 5 minutes

6-digit code iphone forget it
6-digit code iphone forget it

You have forgotten the 6-digit code of your iPhone ? It happens to the best of us! Sometimes we find ourselves locked out of our devices, seeing messages like iPhone unavailable. Try again in 1 minute or even Try again in 1 hour. Don't worry, I'm here to help you regain access to your iPhone quickly and easily, without the need for a computer.

Indeed, in this guide, I will present to you an effective method for unlock your iPhone in just 5 minutes.

Notes: First of all, this method involves resetting your iPhone, which means erase all data. However, you can restore your information from an iCloud backup or computer later. Remember, this is the official method recommended by Apple and will only work if theiPhone yours.

Before you begin

Before you begin, make sure you meet the following criteria to use this method:

  • You remember your Apple ID and password.
  • Make sure your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Your device must be updated to at least iOS 15.2 to follow these instructions.

Steps to unlock your iPhone

To delete the forgotten passcode from your iPhone, just follow these 4 steps.

As mentioned before, no computer needed. And no need for iTunes either; everything is done directly on your iPhone or iPad.

1. Bring up the “ iPhone unavailable "

Start by entering an incorrect code several times. Don't worry, it's for a good cause! Continue until the message iPhone unavailable appears with a countdown.

iPhone unavailable
Screenshot showing the message iPhone unavailable

If your iOS is 16 or later, you may need to wait until the option Try again in 15 minutes ou 1 time to see the option Forgotten access code. For iOS 17 and newer, this option appears earlier.

2. Tap Forgotten code

Once theiPhone shows you the Forgotten Code option, click on it.

Screenshot showing the location of the 'Forgotten Code' button

This little magical function only appears after a few unsuccessful attempts and may require you to wait a few minutes depending on your previous attempts.

3. Reset your iPhone

It's time for a fresh start! Press on  Start the reset of iPhone.

reset iPhone
Screenshot showing the page to Start ResetiPhone

You will need to sign out of your Apple ID, which is a failsafe to ensure that you are the owner of the device.

Then follow the steps to put your iPhone to zero, as if you were turning it on for the first time. Be careful, this will erase everything on the phone, but if you have a Cloud backup, you will be able to recover your data easily.

4. Configure and restore your iPhone

Once reset, configure your iPhone Like new. You will select your language, region and connect to Wi-Fi. When prompted, enter your Apple ID password to disable Activation Lock. it will offer to restore your data from an iCloud backup or other. If you do not have iCloud backup, you can configure your iPhone like a new device and start from scratch.


After following these steps, your iPhone will be like it came out of the box. You will have a new code to unlock the screen and all your data will be put back in place thanks to the backup. Remember to choose a code you won't forget this time!

And if you have any problems, especially with your Apple ID, I have already created a guide for you. change your Apple ID .