How to activate dark mode on iPhone ?

activate dark mode iphone
activate dark mode iphone

Are you tired of this white background when you use your iPhone ? Despite adjusting the brightness, your eyes get tired quickly? Please note that it is possible to activate a new, still hidden functionality which allows you to put your iPhone or iPad in Dark Mode.

Here, I explain how to activate the dark mode iPhone. And therefore make the use of an iOS device more pleasant, especially in the dark.

If you have a iPhone and want to enable this option, follow these simple steps.

So how to activate dark mode on iPhone ?

First, make sure your iPhone works under iOS 13 or a later version. Indeed, it is from this version that Apple introduced dark mode.

Then open the Settings of your iPhone. You will easily recognize this gear icon on your home screen.

Head to the section Brightness and display. This is where you will find the options relating to your phone's display.

Afterwards, you will notice two options: Claire et Dark. Simply select Dark to activate the dark mode.

Immediately, your interface will switch and adopt darker tones, more relaxing for the eyes.

Additionally, if you want dark mode to activate automatically at certain times, activate the “Automatic” option. Then, by clicking on the options, you can set the time to switch to dark mode and light mode.

Finally, for those who like shortcuts, know that it is possible to activate dark mode via the Control Center. Just hold down the brightness bar, and you'll see the option to switch between the two modes.

Your screen will instantly switch from white to black.

So ! If everything went well, you now have a version iOS in dark mode. In addition to making it more pleasing to the eyes, dark mode also makes it possible to carry out energy savings on your iPhone.