How to activate dark mode on iPhone?

turn on iphone dark mode
turn on iphone dark mode

Tired of that white background when you use your iPhone? Despite adjusting the brightness, your eyes get tired quickly? Note that it is possible to activate a new yet hidden feature called Intelligent Inversion that allows you to put your iPhone or iPad in Dark Mode.

Here, I explain how to activate the dark iPhone mode. And thus make the use of an iOS device more pleasant, especially in the dark.

While it's not exactly the dark mode everyone wants, there is an option in iOS 11 and iOS 12 to enable "Dark Mode"which inverts the colors of the iPhone screen. But this new mode does not invert everything. Specifically, photos and videos should not be affected by this new mode.

So how do you activate dark mode on iPhone?

Well first of all, go to the accessibility options of your iPhone or iPad. To do this, go to Settings, then to General, and enter the menu Accessibility.

Then go to the menu Adapt display, enter the section Invert colors, and activate the function Smart reversal.

Your screen will instantly switch from white to black.

Here is ! If all went well, you now have a version iOS in dark mode. In addition to making it more pleasing to the eyes, dark mode also makes it possible to carry out energy savings on your iPhone.