WIN PE 10-8: The Ultimate Utility for Computer Troubleshooting

computer repair utility
computer repair utility

If you used to use Hiren's boot CD (which is no longer maintained) or Medicine for troubleshoot computers, here is WINPE 10-8, a good alternative.

WIN PE 10-8, what is it?

WINPE 10-8 is a bootable utility that includes a suite of tools for troubleshoot and analyze a PC easily like Hiren's Boot CD, but much more complete.

Regularly updated and extremely complete (4,04 GB), this Live DVD compiled by a Russian computer scientist is undoubtedly the best.

What can be done with WIN PE 10-8?

WIN PE 10-8 allows you to do the following functions:

  • malware hunting,
  • repair hard drives,
  • put installations back on their feet Windows messed up,
  • make disk images,
  • check memory,
  • recover passwords.

You will also find there

How to use WIN PE 10-8?

WIN PE 10-8 offers a complete system based on Windows. Once in place on a USB stick or DVD, you can boot up the computer and access all these wonderful tools.

To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: download and install

First of all, download ISO image of Win PE 10-8. Then unzip the archive. Password: shooter.

After downloading, you must create a WIN PE 10-8 bootable USB key in order to start (boot) your PC on it. For that, follow the instructions in this article.

Finally everything is ready to use WIN PE 10-8 on your PC. It is then necessary to boot your PC on the USB key. To do this, press Del, F1, F2 or F8 (depending on your motherboard model) just after turning on the PC.

Find the Boot Sequence option and change the order by putting your DVD drive or USB port first.

Step 2: Menu and launch

After booting from the USB key, you will have different types of options:

  • run in 32 or 64 bit mode (x86 or x64),
  • try to boot from the partition Windows present in your hard drive (for backups, disinfection, etc.),
  • launch Grub4Dos (a software allowing to easily configure a multiboot) or a software under DOS.

In my case, I will choose "start the system in 64-bit mode"since my processor allows it.

You see that the system looks like Windows with its windows, its start menu and its taskbar. At the bottom right connect the PC to the Internet and configure your keyboard in French.