Partition a hard drive under Windows 10

partition hard drive windows 10 1
partition hard drive windows 10 1

Dernière mise à jour: 18 mai 2024

Need a new partition to install another operating system? You wish partition a hard drive under Windows 10 to separate your personal data from the system? It's very easy ! No need to use third-party software even if it's entirely possible, find out how to partition this space.

How to partition a hard drive under Windows 10 ?

Access Disk Manager

From the office Windows 10, right-click on the Start menu and then select Disk Management. At the top of the window appear the different partitions present on your PC.

I will work on the System C partition: As the other partitions are reserved for system recovery or reinstallation functions, do not touch them.

On the bottom of the window, click on the C: drive to partition it.

Reduce primary disk

Right click on the gray area in the previous step and select Reduce volume.

In the new window that appears, adjust the value of the amount of space to be reduced if necessary, and validate by clicking on Reduce.

When you return to the disk management window, you notice that your disk is cut up with a black part named “ Not allocated“. This physical part is no longer recognized by the system, it must be made a logical disk.

Create a new partition

Click on the unallocated part of the disk to gray it out. Then right click and select New single volume.

We will inform Windows that this section is something of a new record. Indicate a size. Just click Next.

The letter given is the first available in alphabetical order after your disc (s). You can assign the letter of your choice from those available, for example the initial of a name or an S for Backup.

Format the new partition

All that remains is to check the line “ Format this volume » with the following settings, leave the system as NTFS as default, assign a volume name according to its usage, and then click Next.

Finally validate by clicking on Finish to partition your hard drive under Windows 10.