Medicat – The Swiss army knife for repairs Windows 10

alternative medicine hirent boot
alternative medicine hirent boot

Last updated: December 26, 2022

Hard drive, file problems Windows, RAM, partition or password? No need to carry a whole collection of Live DVDs with you when you leave réparer Windows 10 from your friend or your mother. MediCat offers a compilation of frequently updated tools…

You probably know Hiren's Boot CD for troubleshoot computers, but unfortunately this Live CD is no longer updated and is starting to get old.

To replace this compilation, I suggest you discover medicine. This compilation allows you to hunt for viruses, réparer Windows 10, save data in the event of a physical problem, recover passwords Windows, repair hard drives or to put some order in your scores.

Ideal for altruists who do not hesitate to travel to réparer windows 10 from a friend, medicine is essential. The heavier version can easily fit on an old 10 GB USB key, all the more reason to keep it with you at all times.

How to use MediCat?

Creating the botable USB with the ISO image

  • Download the Rufus tool to create our bootable USB drive.
  • Then we go download medicat ISO file by choosing the version you want on Google Drive or Mega.
  • Now open the Rufus program, leave partition type in UEFI, Fat32 as file system and choose ISO Image in the last drop-down menu.
  • In the box to the right, fill in the location of the image.
  • Start but be careful, your antivirus will probably wake up. Disable it during this phase.

Boot from the USB port

Once the ISO image is in place on a USB stick (using Rufus), you can boot the computer with it and access all these wonderful tools.

To do this, you must ask your PC to boot from the USB port. Done delete, F1, F2 ou F8 (depending on your motherboard model) right after turning on the PC and entering BIOS (setup). Find the Boot sequence option (which can also be selectable even before entering the menus) and change the order by putting the USB first.

The main menu of medicat

You should see the main interface with:

  • Continue Booting the PC (to boot normally from the hard drive once you're done).
  • Boot other Harddisk Partitions to choose which partition to boot from (in case you have multiple OSes to boot from).
  • 64-Bit Windows recovery to find a Windows stable.
  • diagnostic utilities with Hardware detection tool (to identify the peripherals and better choose its drivers).
  • Scan for Virus to find and remove viruses from your PC.
  • Remove User Account Passwords to remove the password from a user account Windows.

In case of infection, it is scan for viruses that will have to be selected. This option will display the Comodo antivirus. From this interface you can of course launch scans, but also access the Internet and rudimentary tools (browser, screenshot, etc.)

Remove user account Password gives you access to tools I've already covered, including offline Password & registry editor and Kon Boot which allow you to regain access to Windows if you have forgotten your session password.

These software only work with the local password and not at all with the new type of Microsoft Account password.

Mini Windows 10 and LUbuntu

Where Hiren’s Boot CD gave access to a Windows XP “light”, mediCat offers a Mini Windows 10 et lubuntu.

The first one gives you a real Windows 10 to recover what can be recovered, access the network, manage your peripherals, mount hard disks and all that can be done with a real graphical OS. It also includes the software collection of to repair, save, etc.

Lubuntu will do the same for Linux users since it is a "light" Ubuntu with almost the same options, but for one-armed systems.

MediCat Freedos has as for him very little interest since it will be a question of going to troubleshoot the old systems or to operate on very modest configurations.