Recover your Windows session password

windows password cracker
windows password cracker

Lost your top secret Windows password? Don't panic, nothing is lost yet!
Follow these few steps to recover your Windows password easily. It is a solution to reset your password and define another one ... It is not really a "crack" but the effect is the same.

Windows stores user information in the SAM file in the directory  C: Windowssystem32config. This file contains the encrypted passwords and several other sensitive things. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the password if you cannot log in with the rights to do so. If you can't remember the password and haven't created a USB drive to log in, you're stuck with a PC that won't launch.

Fortunately there is Offline NT Password & Registry Editor. It is a software allowing to reset the password of user accounts of all Windows(xp, seven, windowds 8 and 10). No need to know the old password to set a new one. All you have to do is burn the image to a disc (or place it on a USB key) then "boot" on it to display the interface. Whether your hard drive is formatted as FAT 32 or NFTS, the software will detect local accounts and unlock them. It is even possible to deactivate them or add a user to become an administrator.

This technique is 100% legal if you use it of course only on your PC and not without anyone knowing.

Recover Windows Password with Offline NT Password 

Step 1:

First, unzip the ZIP file to extract the ISO file. This is a CD image that you can burn with any burning software. In the end, you should have 10 files and a folder on your CD.

Step 2:

Then insert the CD into your CD drive and restart your PC. If the program does not start at startup, the boot order is incorrect. Done Delete ou F1 (depending on your motherboard) right after you turn on the PC and enter BIOS ( setup). Find the option Boot sequence and change the order by putting your CD / DVD drive or USB stick first. Sometimes the boot option is outside of the Bios, watch what is displayed at startup to enter this menu.


Step 3:

When starting the software, confirm by tapping on Starter. Select the version of Boot. In most cases, leave choice 1 to select the detected partition. Confirm with the key Starter of the keyboard. Leave choice 1 to change the password and still leave choice 1 to edit the account. Validate at each step by tapping on Starter.

Step 4:

Leave the Administrator account by default and validate again. It is of course possible to select other accounts. Some accounts can be deactivated (Dis ° or locked (Lock). You can reactivate or unlock them from this interface.


Step 5:

type 1 to reset the password and validate again. You can also add a new password with theoption 2, make sure to put an administrator account (optional 3) or activate a locked account (option 4).

Picture7 (1)

Step 6:

type ! to quit and validate. Type Q to leave and Y to validate the changes. When you are asked new run, do N and restart the machine by doing Ctrl + Alt + Del (don't forget to remove the CD). Congratulation! You can now enter Windows leaving the password blank or entering the new one!