How to see a private Instagram photo?

see instagram private photo
see instagram private photo

Sometimes you see a cool Instagram profile picture, then you try to click on it to enlarge it, but nothing happens ... the picture stays very, very small ... Not cool.

So here is a tip for see a private Instagram photo in larger size.

Thanks to the web application InstaZoom, you will be able to zoom a profile picture by just using the pseudonym of an Instagram account.

InstaZoom allows to see any Instagram profile picture in high resolution. You don't need to follow the person and you don't even need to have an Instagram account.

For example, if I take the "jessicaalba" test, I end up with this:

This photo of Jessica Alba is too small, isn't it? Well by going the InstaZoom app, it is easy to grab the high resolution image…

Just copy the name of the user "jessicaalba" and paste it in the search bar of the application.

Wait a few seconds and click Download to download the full size photo.

Well, it's not 2272 × 1704 but it's the size we find in the detailed Instagram photos. This will allow you to see certain people better in case of doubt before subscribing to these people ...

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