Choose who can see my Instagram posts

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On Instagram, we are not all influencers. Some people choose to use this social network for private purposes. To share photos with their family, for example. In this case, it is essential to know how to choose who can see my Instagram posts.

For this, the application offers several control points that will allow you to select the people who can see and interact with your publications. Follow the guide !

Public or private account

The first thing to determine will be the status of your account. If your goal is to get the most views of your posts, you may want to keep a public account. By searching for you by name, or by the hashtags you use in your posts, anyone can find you, view your profile and see your posts. However, if you wish to have a private account, here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the app, go to your profile, open the options menu (three bars at the top right) and choose " settings ».
  • Go to the menu " policy ».
  • Select the option " private account ».

From then on, only your subscribers will have access to your publications. People that you have not approved will only see your account name and the number of posts, without being able to see them.

Control who can see my stories

Although stories posted on Instagram are fleeting, there are some things you don't want to share with everyone. If your account is private, only your subscribers will have access to your stories. In the case of a public account, everyone can potentially see them. For these two situations, Instagram offers you to create a list of close friends so that you only share your story with them.

To create this list, you just have to stay in the menu " policy "Of the application and click on" Story ».

By pressing " Close friends », You will have the possibility to build up a list of contacts who will be the only ones to see your stories. When creating the story, before sending it, you can choose which list will be able to see it.

Block a contact to prevent them from seeing my posts

We have all made the mistake of accepting a contact which, in the end, turns out to be a little toxic because of their messages or comments. And we no longer want him to be able to see our posts. To do this, simply block him by going to his profile and clicking on the options (three dots at the top right), then on " block ».

That person will no longer be able to follow your posts or stories on Instagram. You can unblock it at any time from the app settings if you ever change your mind.

There you go, you now have control over who can see your Instagram posts!