Who is viewing my Instagram profile?

who watches instagram profile
who watches instagram profile

Dernière mise à jour: 24 mai 2024

You want to know who is viewing your Instagram profile ? In other words, you want to know the people who viewed or watched your Instagram posts ?

Before sharing the answer with you, you should know that the Instagram developer team clearly explains that it does not offer any functionality to know who is looking at your profile or your Instagram posts.

Perfect ! But if Instagram does not offer a function for know who is visiting my Instagram profile, what about apps Android et iPhone who promise to perform this function?

The answer is clearly indicated by Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg explain that:

“Third-party apps don't provide this feature either. If you discover an application that claims to offer this possibility, we recommend that you report this application to us ”.

So I advise you not to trust apps that promise the opposite. These are clearly scams and most of the time they contain a horse of three ready to infect your devices and spread to your phone.

So beware of apps that tell you who is visiting your Instagram profile! They just generate a random list of your subscribers which is far from reality.

And if none of the apps are working, then How do I know the visitors of my Instagram profile?

In this article, I share with you a little Instagram hack who can help you find out who is visiting your profile.

How do I know who is visiting my Instagram account?

Open source code

Instagram login form

To get started, open your account Instagram from a computer. Enter your login and password. Now press Ctrl + U on your keyboard to view the source code for your Instagram profile. Then press Ctrl + F on your keyboard to open the search bar.

Analyze the source code

Now type in the search bar this code “username”. You will find some names of Instagram users as shown in the image below:

Source code of Instagram webpage

Search for username

There are some usernames of your friends who recently visited your Instagram account. Now, to know the person who visited your Instagram profile, open a new tab and enter the following link: www.instagram.com /username .
For example: www.instagram.com/ramyayachofficial.