How to write an Instagram bio?

Do you already have an Instagram account? If yes, you must have gone through the stage of create your biography. We are talking about this space under your name, which is initially intended to briefly describe your Instagram account or introduce yourself.

Whether you want to embark on a career as an influencer or not? Or do you just want a statement Instagram bio? This article will give you the essential tips for writing your instagram bio in 6 steps.

Know the limits of the text

The Instagram bio, like many text spaces, is limited by a predefined number of characters. An Instagram account biography can be up to 150 characters, which is very little, but it is obviously wanted so that the authors go straight to the point.

It's a simple and complicated exercise to introduce yourself with only 150 characters. It should be noted that 30 additional characters can be added, by marking your user name.

Choose your external link

Important point to know about the text of your future Instagram bio: only an external link can appear in the bio space.

This constraint forces you to choose carefully the link you want to highlight, because there won't be two.

This link must be a complement, a logical continuation, a parallel showcase or quite simply a tool for promoting your activity. Regardless, what matters is the relevance and even better, the legitimacy of your external link which will give you both credibility and visibility.

Preparing your Insta bio

We advise you to write your biography text in draft. First to make sure you don't go over the character limit, but also to take the time to find the best turns of phrase.

The idea is to make an impression and to stand out in both brief and precise ways. For this we advise you to bring a very unique touch to your bio.

  • You can use various styles.
  • Put a touch of humor or derision.
  • Keep a simple or even minimalist pen.

What matters is to put a bit of yourself into the text of your biography, to put some soul into it. Approaches that are too commercial are now considered "has-been" on Instagram.

Remember that the visitors to your Insta account, will first read these few lines.

Our advice is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are people looking for on my Instagram page?
  • What drives them to follow my page?
  • How is my Insta account different from others?

With the answers to these questions, you will know what to put in your bio!

Use emojis

Instagram, like many social networks these days, is a platform that works thanks to its very visual character. Therefore, theuse of emojis is frequent but can also allow you to illustrate something. This can be very valuable when you know that the biographies are limited to 150 characters.

Smart use of emojis is recommended. This means there's no need to overdo it, and it's also best not to overdo it if it doesn't associate with your text or Instagram account DNA.

Emojis are used to look pretty, but not only. The best is to give meaning to the section of your emojis. Because it will simply give meaning to your biography.

Add bio to your Instagram profile

Once your text is ready, that is to say written and sprinkled with emoticons, it should be made visible to everyone.

To do this, you had to add it to your Instagram profile, following these steps:

  • Go to your Instagram profile by clicking on your icon, top right.                                                                         
  • Once on your main profile page, click Edit Profile.

  • Fill in your biography in the dedicated space entitled Organic. You can simply copy and paste your already prepared text into it. Attention, if your text exceeds 150 characters, you will be blocked, the text will not be accepted.

  • Once the text is added in the Bio insert. You just have to validate it by clicking, at the bottom of the page, on Send.

Update your bio regularly

Last step, but not least: update your bio frequently. This short text is the first impression you will leave on your visitors. Therefore, it is important to post only up-to-date information.

You can also use your bio to talk about your news, new products or upcoming events or launches. Feel free to highlight your recent content. This space is the most visible of your entire Insta page, use it wisely!


You know now, how to create, write and add your bio to an Instagram profile. Like many concepts, present on the web, the Instagram bio is a tool to present and highlight your projects, concepts, content of all kinds and especially your personality, whether you are a company or a freelancer.

By following the steps above, you won't just be adding a bio to your Insta account; but learn how to create a bio that is effective, relevant and that goes off the beaten track.

Don't wait any longer, start writing your bio, if you haven't already, or update it.