The 10 secret codes Android that you must know

Android is the world's most popular mobile operating system, with over 2,5 billion active users. If you are one of them, you have surely heard of USSD codes. These are small numbers that can unlock hidden tricks on your phone Android.

In this guide, we will present to you the 10 best security codes Android super useful. With these codes you can customize your phone, fix problems, or just discover cool things about what your phone can do.

The secret security code Android to completely reset your phone

We have just told you, most of these secret security codes Android will be useful when you are in a delicate situation, such as when a phone no longer responds at all.

It is in this case that the first code that we are going to provide you will prove particularly useful. In fact, it allows you to overwrite everything and restore your laptop to the way it left the factory.

This code is *27673855 # but you must use it carefully! Indeed, it will also erase your data Android personal like your photos, for example. So be careful to only use it if you have no choice and you were able to get what you wanted beforehand!

A lighter reset of the phone

Moreover, before trying this code, what we can advise you if you find yourself in a blocked situation is to try a first one which will be less aggressive in what it will erase.

Indeed, with the * # * # * # * # 7780, you will simply reset settings. This means that you will not need to delete your personal data. On the other hand, if this is not enough, you will have to think about using the first code with its disadvantages.

A secret security code Android to back up your files

But before doing that, there is another code that might allow you to save all your data ! In fact, it will be possible to make a backup backup of everything you have on the phone.

This is useful if you ever have files that you cannot extract and that you still don't want to lose. To do this, simply enter the following code on your phone Android : * # * # 273282 * 255 * 663282 * # * # *

Check the accuracy of your GPS or possible malfunctions

We told you in the introduction that phones today have many uses in everyday life. For example, they have completely replaced GPS, except that sometimes this system can no longer work correctly.

In this case, enter the secret security code Android following : * # * # * # * # 1472365. By doing this, you will run a test of the GPS, as well as a diagnosis which will explain the probable causes of the breakdown.

The secret security code Android to do a complete check-up

We just gave you a secret security code Android which allows you to check GPS functionality, but other features may simply no longer work on your phone.

In this case, don't panic, there is a fairly simple solution. This solution is the following code: * # 0 * #. By taking it in, you will put the phone in test mode and the main features will be scrutinized, and if there is a problem, you will be notified.

Check phone battery status

By using your phone all the time, you eventually find yourself with a battery that becomes less and less efficient. So for check the status of your battery, a secret security code Android is available: * # * # * # * # 4636.

With the latter, you will have information on the battery, but also its consumption. You will also have information about the Wi-Fi consumption. This is data that we encourage you to check if you are buying a phone. Android second-hand, for example.

A secret security code Android to turn off your phone faster

You have a laptop whose power off button is starting to struggle or you want to be able to quickly turn it off. So, you will like this code which speeds up the shutdown by removing the linked menu: * # * # * # * # 7594

Check the status of storage data

With phones that sometimes don't have a memory expansion option, it's important to check the storage status. That's good, because a secret security code Android permits : * # 3282 * 727336 * #

A secret security code Android to remove the phone number display

If you are often in public and your phone number can be seen, it can sometimes be annoying when personal numbers appear on the screen. Fortunately, it is possible to make them disappear with the following code: * 31 #

In this way, only the name of your correspondent will appear and not their telephone number. To reactivate the numbers, there is nothing complicated to do, you will simply have to re-enter this code!

Allow call waiting

Finally, the last telephone code secret security Android that we are going to advise you in this article is very useful if you are used to receiving many calls during your day.

It will allow put your contact on hold rather than the latter being directly redirected to your email. Then you can choose who to pick up and put on hold in real time between the two calls.

This is a feature that takes some practice to master, but is very useful once you get the hang of it. The code to activate it is as follows: * 43 #