How to Know if someone is listening to your phone calls ?

find out if your phone is tapped
find out if your phone is tapped

Last updated: June 15, 2024

For many years, you were told that to be sure you were safe from pirates, you just had to never click on a shady link from your cell phone or not to download anything outside the official stores.

Moreover, in most cases, this advice is good and advises you to follow it to the letter. Indeed, often, you will have applications that can be downloaded outside the stores a few days before their release.

But these applications may have been slightly modified in order to have access to certain features of your phone. Besides, it’s surely the fear of a lot of people to find themselves spied on!

Indeed, if this is the case, you could say a whole bunch of things which could then turn against you. In this article we will see how to check if your phone is bugged and how to avoid being hacked and therefore wiretapped.

It is illegal to wiretap yourself without your knowledge!

The first thing to note is that it is simply illegal to wiretap you without your knowledge. Indeed, there is a reason why for this procedure, authorization from the judge is required, but most of the MSP, as you can imagine, the person in front of you does not have this authorization.

However, it is quite possible torecord your conversation and you have surely already been the subject while you like a customer service for example. The latter must then warn you of the possibility of registering.

From then on, you will understand quite easily thatit is not legal to record a person without their knowledge and above all without warning her. However, if you have any doubts, you can specify at the start of the call that you do not want it to be recorded.

So you will be able to do assert this right and sue the person who did not respect your will if she were to do it anyway, and worse yet to disclose it publicly.

Call unknown

For you guarantee maximum anonymity, you can opt for the easy way out, i.e. call an unknown number. By itself, this will not solve the listening problem if it is present on the phone you are calling.

However, this will allow you to hide your personal information like your phone number. Very practical information when you know that with this telephone number we can have a whole bunch of information about you in one inversed annual.

How a hacker can listen to your conversations on your phone

Hackers have sophisticated techniques to access your phone conversations. Let's take a closer look at these methods and how you can strengthen your privacy protection.

Changed apps

The first attack frequently used by hackers is also the most classic, but it is no less effective: it is theuse of applications downloaded outside of official stores.

These may appear legitimate, but are sometimes modified to access features on your phone without your consent. These changes can allow a hacker to listen to your calls, read your messages and access your personal data.

Network injection attack

Sometimes hackers use more complicated methods, likenetwork injection attack. Imagine if someone could remotely change what your phone does without you touching anything. This could include forcing your phone to download spyware without you knowing.

To do this, the hacker must be able to see and change what you are doing on the internet. It uses a tool called “ IMSI Catcher ».

What is IMSI Catcher?

IMSI Catcher
IMSI Catcher

An IMSI Catcher is made up of false antennas which allow telephone conversations to be intercepted (the IMSI is a unique identifying number contained in the SIM card).

The way IMSI-catchers work is simple: they imitate that of a mobile phone relay antenna, so that phones located nearby connect to them.

It tricks your phone into thinking it's connecting to your regular network when in reality it's connecting to the hacker's equipment. Thus, the latter can see and record your calls, your messages and even your location. It then transmits the communications to the operator and the call proceeds normally, without arousing suspicion.

Useful combinations to know if your mobile is bugged

Finally, what few people know is that there is some combinations that it is possible to type on your phone in order to know if you are bugged or not.

If you think your phone is being tapped and you fear for your own safety, I suggest you use the following number combinations:

To find out if this is the case, you can simply type

  • * # 21 # to find out if your calls are transferred.
  • * # # 62 to know exactly all the calls that are traced
  • 002 ## # to be able to put an end to all the listening that is currently taking place on your mobile.
  • * # # 43 will show you all the devices connected right now to your cellphone!

Finally, to call unknown as we advised you earlier in this article, this is another combination that you will have to type on your phone before making your call on # 31 #.

How to protect yourself from wiretapping?

As we have just said, one of the most well-known ways to spy on you in this way is to download a virus which will then install itself in your phone and spy on your conversations.

To avoid this, it is usually sufficient to follow the golden rule, namely never save anything on your phone that does not come from the official store of this one. Indeed, the applications present are controlled there.

Therefore, unless there is a major flaw in the system of one of these applications, you can sleep soundly.

Finally, here are other tips to minimize the risk of phone tapping without your consent:

  • Be careful with applications that request permissions that are not necessary for their operation.
  • Avoid using unsecured public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Keep your operating system and applications up to date.
  • If in doubt during a call, do not hesitate to make it clear from the start that you do not want this call to be recorded.
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