Anti-kidnapping GPS chip to track your children

Last updated: January 2, 2023

When you are a parent, there is a moment that is very complicated, it is when you have to let your children go to school or to the nearest bus shelter without you being able to accompany them.

This step, most of the time, necessarily goes well. But it's quite normal that as a parent, we remain worried about this whole situation. From then on, we can look for solutions to reassure ourselves.

One of the solutions that may seem viable to you is to go through a GPS chip that you could put on your child to be able to follow his monuments if necessary. But is it really legal ? And even if it is legal, is it really desirable?

It is impossible to trace a child with a GPS chip

Well, let's start with the first thing, it is impossible toimplant a GPS chip in your child. Indeed, to put a chip, you will necessarily have to go through a small surgery.

Now, we are talking about your child here. Do you really want to put him through this? Most often the answer is no. Especially since as we will see in the rest of the article, there are a whole bunch of other ways to do it.

Still not convinced? Keep in mind that this GPS tracker, it will also have to be removed at some point and for that, you will have to put your child through surgery again.

Finally, if when he is a child this can be understood and it will not be too embarrassing, when he becomes an adolescent on the other hand, the question of the morality of such a practice will begin to arise.

Indeed, is it moral to locate his adolescence when it is precisely at this period of life that he must begin to make decisions for himself and develop his moral sense? There is reason to doubt.

But then, is it illegal to put a GPS chip on your child? In itself, not really given that as long as he is a minor, it is the parental figure who will act as consent for the child. However, as we told you in the past, if it is not necessarily illegal, is it moral good? Also, if the child is able to understand what is going on, would he or she be okay with all of this.

Chances are not, and that's why we strongly advise you not to think of the GPS chip as a good way to track your children, even if you are distressed by the situation.

In addition, as we have just told you, there are a whole bunch of other alternatives that allow you to do follow-up to reassure yourself while ensuring that they are much less invasive than by directly implanting a chip in the body. your child!

Use GPS trackers

In fact, the first technique that we will advise you if you ever want to monitor your child is touse a GPS unit. The idea is simple, this box continuously sends the position of your child by GPS.

Often, you just have to use a mobile application or a website and you have your child's location in two clicks. It is certainly a somewhat bulky box, but it fits well in a schoolbag for example.

Therefore, you can follow your child on the way to school or the bus and make sure everything is fine with him. Are you afraid that he will find himself far from his schoolbag and that you will no longer be able to follow him? On the net, you can even find specialized clothing collections to accommodate GPS trackers.

Here, the idea is then very simple, you will have clothes with pockets that you can close and where you will be able to put the GPS tracker so that even if the child is separated from his schoolbag, the tracer always follows him.

Generally, these clothes are made so that this case remains discreet and goes unnoticed in everyday life. You should also know that these clothes are generally suitable for children with autistic disorders.

Thus these clothes are reversible and above all, they have no buttons or zippers in which your child could hurt himself during one of his crises. It is therefore a very good choice if your set suffers from this problem.

Use a mobile app

If your child is young, the GPS tracker is the best solution that you can implement. But if it is older, there is a solution that is much more practical and, above all, easier to use. Indeed, when they begin to become adolescents, they will inevitably have a cell phone and we can count on them to never leave it during their day and sometimes even at night.

Therefore, instead of carrying around a GPS box that you will have to recharge and that your teenager risks forgetting every other time, why not go directly to your cell phone for GPS tracking ?

In fact, today there are applications that are quite simple. Generally, how they work is as follows, you download them to the two cell phones that you will then connect.

Then you will only have to launch the application to be able to know the GPS location of your child anytime. In addition, there is also the possibility of putting this on standby to give your child freedom.

An even simpler technique via iPhone!

Finally, if you have a iPhone, know that basicly, you can activate what is called the family sharing which allows you to track iPhone GPS location that you linked.

To do this, here is the procedure to follow:

On your child's iPhone

  • On your child's iPhone, go to Settings then click on their name at the top.

    regal iphone account
    Account iPhone Settings
  • Go to Family sharing.
  • Press Add family member.
  • If your child doesn't have an Apple ID, tap Create a child account. If your child already has an Apple ID, tap Invite people.
  • Then choose how to send the invitation using AirDrop, Messages, or Mail.
  • Finally, go back to Family Sharing and touch “Location share"

On the parent's iPhone

  • On your iPhone, you will receive an invitation. You can then reply directly from the invitation.
  • Open theLocate app.
  • Finally, tap or click the name of a family member you want to track these trips.


There you go, now you know that put a GPS chip in your child, not only is it ethically complicated, but it is certainly not the only way to be able to follow him in his travels.

Whether through the GPS tracker or via a mobile phone app, you will now be able to let him go alone with a rested mind. You will then be able to let him live his life, while being able to check that everything is fine at any time.