4 solutions to test your iPhone's battery

test iphone battery
test iphone battery

Recently, Apple announced that iPhones with exhausted batteries are automatically restricted to better preserve their autonomy thanks to the latest updates deployed. In other words, if your device's battery is depleted, your device's performance is reduced resulting in catastrophic slowness.

In that case, is it essential to replace your battery ?

Before running to Genius Bar nearest and spend a fortune, discover our quick solutions for test your iPhone battery.

1) Check battery wear through iPhone settings

As promised by the Apple manufacturer, iOS 11.3 in its 2nd beta version allows you to directly view the health of your battery thanks to a new menu called " Battery status »Accessible from the Settings> Battery section, as shown in the following image:

This menu also gives you the choice to activate the decrease in performance of your device, but you should expect unexpected reboots during the day.

2) Check the battery wear through the Coconut Battery app

Whether it is an iPhone, iPod, iPad or even a Mac, to know the health of your device, its number of cycles and even the time remaining before the complete discharge, you can install an application on your Mac named " Coconut battery " that you can download here for free on the official website.

Once you have connected your Apple device to your Mac, launch the application and click on the “iOS Device” tab. In a jiffy, you have access to several parameters that define the operation of your battery, including the number of cycles.

According to the manufacturer Apple: "Any battery with a cycle number greater than 500 is considered used."

3) Check the battery wear through the Battery Life app

Just like the previous app, you can collect several pieces of information that relate to your iphone battery. However, the application " Battery Life »Installs directly on your iPhone.

To know the wear of your battery, all you have to do is download Battery life and launch the application.

Battery Life will roughly estimate the state of health of the iphone battery and display a percentage and advise whether or not to proceed with the replacement.

4) Check your iPhone's health status through your Mac's console

Advanced users are most affected by this latest solution which requires technical skills on your Mac. So after connecting your iPhone to your Mac, launch the tool Sideboard via Finder> Applications> Utilities.

On the drop-down menu on the left, select your iPhone, then enter the term " battery health Or "batterycenter" and press Enter.

A code is displayed as follows where you can clearly read thehealth of your iPhone battery on the “BatteryHealth” line.

If after all your tests, you cannot determine the state of health of your iPhone battery, go to an Apple Store! An advisor will take care of carrying out a complete diagnosis on your iPhone.