Protect yourself against keyloggers with KeyScrambler

protect yourself against keyloggers with keyscrambler
protect yourself against keyloggers with keyscrambler

I have told you several times about keyloggers, those malicious software that, once installed on your PCs, will retrieve everything you type on the keyboard : passwords, banking information, etc.

Even if an antivirus is the best weapon against these malwares, it happens that some pass through the net.

There are even hardware keyloggers that plug in between the PC's USB port and the keyboard connector and some can store up to 200 characters.
They are cheap, they can be found for sale all over the web and they are undetectable by antivirus.

How to protect yourself from keyloggers?

To combat this threat, I advise you to install KeyScrambler, a software that will encrypt all keystrokes directly from your keyboard driver to decrypt them only in your web browser (chrome, Firefox, etc.).

If a hacker tries to read your keystrokes, they'll end up with unusable text ...

There is another somewhat restrictive solution, but it also allows you to counter keyloggers regardless of their type. This method consists of using the Windows on-screen keyboard.

To do this, you just have to type for example your mot de passe on the Windows virtual keyboard.

To get the Windows virtual keyboard, just follow these steps:

  • Click on Start
  • then run
  • finally type the following command: "osk.exe".

Voila, these methods will help you protect yourself against keyloggers and decrease their chances of infecting your Windows machine. Although your PC can never be 100% safe, taking these steps will dramatically decrease your risk of being hacked. And to find out if your computer is hacked, check out this article: How do I know if my PC is hacked?