The best photo editing software for Windows 11

The best photo editing software for Windows 11
The best photo editing software for Windows 11

Last updated: September 1, 2022

Choosing photo editing software for Windows 11 can sometimes be complicated. Indeed, the offer is quite broad and each software benefits from its specificities which correspond to certain particular needs.

So, to help you make your choice, we offer you a list of 11 best image editing software for Windows 11. We'll start by introducing you to software suitable for a wide range of users. Then, we will move on to more specialized photo software.

It is important to note that in these software we will not include Photoshop, Lightroom or even GIMP which are image editing software for Windows 11 best known to the general public.


Le premier image editing software for Windows 11 that we are going to present to you is Photoworks which has the advantage of being extremely accessible for a large number of users given that quite a few processes are automated.

Therefore, you do not necessarily need to have great knowledge of image editing to have stunning results, to say the least. It is clearly for this reason that it is considered one of the best image editing software for Windows 11.

Luminaire AI

Which means that Luminaire AI lands in our Top of the best photo software for Windows 11, this is the precision with which you will be able to make modifications to your photos.

Not only will these be guided by artificial intelligence, but Luminar AI offers ten of them, each with a specialty such as the face or the eyes.

Picture ON1

Picture ON1 is one of those photo editing software for Windows 11 which allow you to retouch using artificial intelligence to make this step accessible to as many people as possible.

But in addition to that, this software has also developed a pretty incredible sky change system that will ensure a “Wow” effect to your landscape photos.

Corel painthophop pro

When we were talking to you about software that we had excluded because it was too popular, we could have added Corel painthophop pro to the list.

Indeed, it is one of the most popular software, because it is accessible and offers a lot of features such as being able to change the focus for example, in addition to the classic editing functions.

When we talk about photo software for Windows 11, CyberLink Photo Director is a bit of a special case. Indeed, you can obviously do classic photo editing with this software which is not only efficient, but also quite easy to use, because it is controlled via artificial intelligence.

But in addition to that, one of the tools of this application allows you to give movement to parts of your photo, transforming them into a mix of photo and video.

This is a feature which gives a very nice effect and clearly makes CyberLink PhotoDirector one of the best image editing software for Windows 11.

Gemstone Photo Editor

Gemstone Photo Editor, is not necessarily photo software for Windows 11 which will play on the “Wow” effect like some that we presented to you before. However, it is software that is extremely comprehensive and offers a lot of tools for in-depth retouching of your photos.

Likewise, like all the software that we have presented to you before, artificial intelligence is completely integrated into this software and allows you to carry out long and tedious operations such as removing an element from the decor in a simple and quick way. Click on the subject and artificial intelligence will do the rest!

Topaz Labs

Topaz Labs, it is undoubtedly one of the best image editing software for Windows 11. Indeed, thanks to the help of artificial intelligence, it is easy to retouch a lot of photos in just a few minutes.

But one of the points where Topaz Labs excels is in eliminating all the parasites, artifacts or even unwanted blurring effects on photos. This is also one of the main selling points of this software which could transform some of your slightly blurry photos into a real work of art.


If your favorite part of photography is taking pictures of human models, then one of the image editing software for Windows 11 what we are going to advise you is PhotoDiva which is a benchmark in this area in particular!

Indeed, if some focus on landscapes, here we are faced with software that specializes in changes to the face.

For this, PhotoDiva has developed an AI which is specialized in this field and which therefore has requirements and characteristics which are specific to modifications of the human face. The result is simply stunning and it is clearly one of the best photo editing software for Windows 11 in this area.


Si PortraitPro is excellent in everything that will be facial retouching, it will have a very serious competitor in the person of PortraitPro which in recent years has started to establish itself as one of the references in the field with in particular some features which are nevertheless very friendly.

We can for example speak of automatic retouching via AI of the length of the neck to ensure that even if your model did not have the perfect pose, this is corrected. We can also talk about hair touch-ups that will allow you to make the cut of the person you are photographing perfect.


PhotoGlory, it is an image editing software for Windows 11 which is a bit special. Indeed, the latter will concentrate on the digitization of old photos which are badly damaged.

If this is the type of use you are looking for, then you will definitely find what you are looking for.

SoftOrbits Photo Editing

Finally, the last software that we are going to present to you is SoftOrbits Photo Editing which, like the previous software that we presented to you, also specifies more on the retouching old photos by giving them color, but also by erasing the traces of wear that have appeared over the years.

You'll quickly notice that SoftOrbits Photo has a slightly more austere interface than PhotoGlory, but the possibilities of this software are crazy. So much so that once you get the hang of it, you will have magnificent results.


Have photo editing software to Windows 11 is one of the best ways to make an image perfect.
Whether you need a photo editor for your hobby, work, or social life, you'll find an option in our selection that's perfect for you.

We hope this overview was helpful and we wish you good luck with your photo editing projects.