More privacy on Windows with Blackbird

blackbird windows
blackbird windows

Dernière mise à jour: 23 mai 2024

Here is cool software designed to help you protect your privacy. Blackbird will disable small programs that spy on you or annoy you in Windows: OneDrive, Cortana, Bing, P2P updates, Xbox Live services, Start menu ads, Wifi Sense and of course anything that sends data to Microsoft.

In addition to protecting your privacy, Blackbird will also apply some guidelines to ensure that your internet connection is even faster.

Blackbird is a portable program. To use it, simply unpack the contents of the archive into the directory of your choice, then launch the executable file.

Once launched, Blackbird begins scanning your system Windows. After a few seconds, it displays the current security status of your data.

You get details about automatic connection settings, scheduled tasks, services, system updates and their automatic installation, telemetry, and WGA program (Windows Genuine Advantage).

Then for protect your privacy and secure your data, just press any key to apply new settings to preserve your privacy with the system.

Wait a few minutes for the program to correct the security problems in your system. Finally, restart your computer.

The main advantage of Blackbird is that it is also possible to use it from the command line and disable only the things that interest you.

To do this, launch the Command Prompt in administrator mode, then type the command cd to specify the directory of the blackbird.exe file.

Then run one of the commands below to disable whatever you want.

blackbird -v: Verbose mode allows you to know exactly what you have modified on Windows 10
blackbird -std > STD mode: Destroys all cookies in Windows
blackbird -scan> Analyze and display all privacy issues.
blackbird -kc> Disable Cortana (prevent searchUI.exe from starting)
blackbird -ke> Disable Microsoft Edge
blackbird -kf > Disable Windows Feedback/ContactSupport
blackbird -kl> Disable Lockscreen
blackbird -nospeed> Avoid system optimizations.
blackbird -o> Activate OneDrive
blackbird -p> Enable Diagnostic Policy service
blackbird -t> Activate Sensors / Auto-screen-rotation on tabletes
blackbird -x> Activate the Xbox Live service.
blackbird -l > Fix local network connection problems after using blacbird.
blackbird -a > Disable SmartScreen checking application
blackbird -d > Disable Windows Defender.
blackbird -e> disable NETBIOS over TCP / IP (close port 445)
blackbird -u > Disable automatic insatlation of updates
blackbird -? > Displays help information.

If you want to restore all values ​​changed by Blackbird, type the following command:

blackbird -r

However, remember to make a backup before using this program, you never know. I also invite you to read the tool's documentation on the official website.