4 tools Windows free that will enhance your security and privacy

Windows is an operating system that you shouldn't be afraid to try to improve. Concretely, this means that you may need to improve the level of security and confidentiality offered by the operating system.

We have selected 4 tools that should help you with this.

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Blackbird is a free and open source tool that helps you improve the security and privacy of your operating system Windows. It comes with a number of features designed to help secure your data and protect your privacy. For example, Blackbird can help you detect malware on your computer and remove it. Potentially dangerous files are also identified.

The advantage of Blackbird is that it is particularly easy to use. You don't need to be a tech pro to use it. It is easy to handle, even for beginners.

O&O shutup

O&O shutup is a lightweight tool that you can use to improve the privacy and security of your operating system Windows 10 (it also works on Windows 11).

It gives you a number of features, including the ability to opt out of telemetry and data collection, as well as unwanted features like Cortana and Advertising ID.

You can also deactivate the untimely opening of certain software, the automatic start of your webcam.

One of the advantages of O&O Shutup is that it is very easy to use. You can simply select the options you want to disable by clicking a button.

Another advantage is that it is updated regularly, which means that it always supports the latest version of Windows. Even though Blackbird is very easy to use, O&O Shutup stands out for its fun side. This is not a tool designed for developers, the interface is really easy to use. You will quickly be won over by its ergonomics. To the point where you can no longer do without it.

Kaspersky SecurityCloud

Kaspersky Security Cloud is a security tool designed to protect your computer against malware and other threats.

It comes with a number of features, including real-time protection, which blocks threats before they can reach your computer. It also includes a virus scanner that can detect and remove malware. In addition, Kaspersky Security Cloud offers you the possibility to secure your Wi-Fi connection

The advantage of Kaspersky Security Cloud is that it is very complete. It offers you many features to improve the security of your computer. However, this comprehensive approach also has its drawbacks. Indeed, Kaspersky Security Cloud can be quite resource intensive. So if you have an old computer, this might not be the best solution for you.

Tor Browser

Tor Browser is a browser that you can use to surf the web anonymously. It routes your traffic through a number of different servers, which makes it very difficult to track your activity. Additionally, Tor Browser encrypts your traffic, making it even harder to track your activity. The downside of Tor Browser is that it can be quite slow at times, given the way it works.

The advantage of Tor Browser is that it is very effective in protecting your privacy and security. The downside is that it can be quite slow. However, if you are looking for a tool to help improve your privacy and security, then Tor Browser is definitely worth considering.

Bad reputation of Tor

By its great safety, because of its onion operation, Tor also has a bad reputation. Indeed, this browser is (rightly) associated with the darknet. It is particularly used by people with bad intentions to commit crimes online. But beyond the bad intentions, it's an excellent browser.


so here's 4 tools Windows free that will improve your security and privacy. Which will you choose?

Will you install all the software we have recommended? Or will you select only some of them? To choose, installing Tor, O&O Shutup and Kaspersky simultaneously corresponds to a rather complementary choice.