Significantly increase your internet connection speed

internet speed
internet speed

Dernière mise à jour: 18 mai 2024

Is your internet connection slow? Is your wireless Internet connection often cut? Do you find that your internet connection is different from the “theoretical” speed which is indicated on the contract of your access provider?
It is undoubtedly necessary tooptimize your internet connection.

In this article, we will see two tips for considerably increase your internet connection speed.

First of all, do a speed test and compare this result with what your ISP has promised you. There are many, many sites or programs that allow you to test the real speed of your connection.

Here is 3 tools to test the speed of your internet connection and determine if your connection is down. They perform speed tests on multiple servers.

If your speed is consistently lower than the suggested speed, then follow the instructions below:

Increase internet connection speed with TCP Optimizer

You should know that in order for two computers to communicate, they use a common language called TCP / IP (Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol). This protocol cuts information (web page, rar file, etc.) into packets, adds a destination address and ensures the delivery of these packets to the correct destination (your computer).

Thanks to the software TCP Optimizer, it is possible to optimize this process, which speeds up any activity related to the Internet.

Indeed, the software will modify entries in your Registry base in order to optimize your TCP protocol. This application easily finds the best MTU values ​​(Maximum transmission unit) and RWIN (TCP Receive Window), and integrates the most reliable parameters, optimizing the capacity of your bandwidth as well as the speed of your Internet connection.

How to use TCP Optimizer?

First of all, download TCP optimizer, then open the application in Administrator mode, then check “Optimal” and validate with “Apply change”. Restart your machine and the software takes care of everything.



With an ADSL connection of 4Mbps. Be aware that these are not megabytes, but Megabits, and theoretically, like 1 byte = 8 bits, in other words, you have to divide the number of Mbits by 8 to obtain the theoretical throughput in MB!

So, 4 Mbits/s, that gives 512kB/s (Kilobytes per second) maximum in download.

Typically, you'll download at speeds closer to 220 KB/s, not the official 512. This is because your PC is not using your connection optimally, and this is what TCP Optimizer helps you remedy.

Increase internet speed by 20% with the registry

Generally the parameters of Windows have default values ​​in the registry, it is then interesting to modify these parameters in order toimprove your connection.

20% of your local network bandwidth is reserved by the QoS service Windows. And this is for the purposes of updating and downloading features, which means your internet connection is limited to 1/5th of its speed.

Simply remove this limit to increase the speed of your internet connection. Your flow will then be as efficient and as fast as possible.

How to do ?

To significantly increase the internet connection speed under Windows 7,8 and 10, follow these steps:

  • First go to start then type in the search bar gpedit.
  • The window " Local Group Policy Editor »Opens, in the menu on the right go to
    Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Network > QoS Floor Scheduler  and double click on Limit reservable bandwidth.

  • Check the box " activated »And modify the value 20% to 0% and click on "OK»

Please note that it is possible to increase the speed of your internet connection on your mobile Android. For this, I invite you to see the following tutorial: increase the speed of your internet connection Android ?


These two tips go clearly increase the speed of your internet connection. However, you should know that when you download a file from the web, a server sends it to you.

The majority of these download servers limit their upload speed so that all visitors can download the file at the same time. So even if your internet connection is very high speed, you may find yourself with a slow download speed.