Dashlane - Ultimate Password Manager

dashlane password manager
dashlane password manager

You probably already know that, to secure your access to websites or apps (messaging, social networks, banks, etc.), you must not use a complex password but several password.

However, remembering multiple passwords is not easy for everyone. So how do you remember all of your passwords without mixing your brushes?

With Dashlane, no need to remember dozens of passwords, now just one is enough!

What is a password manager?

Un password manager allows a user to manage and keep their passwords in a secure manner. The password manager is protected by a unique password, so that you only have one to remember.

Dashlane is a password manager and a digital wallet that adopts an AES-256 encryption method. Also be aware that Dashlane has no access to your information.


Dashlane does not back up your data remotely if you are not using sync. That is to say that if you do not synchronize your passwords between several devices, only an encrypted file will be present on your computer and only your "master" password chosen during installation will allow you to display its content.

All your data, even if you choose to store in the cloud, are encrypted locally and require your master password, sesame that only you have.

Ce French password manager, which has several million users around the world, does not stop at manage your passwords, it is able to automatically fill out any online form, whether on a computer (Mac and PC) or a mobile terminal (Android and iOS).

How do I use Dashlane password manager?

To use the Dashlane password manager, go to publisher's website in the "Download" section, and launch the installer. Dashlane exists on Windows and Mac.

Once the application is launched, simply follow the on-screen instructions, enter a valid email address, and create or automatically generate a password using Dashlane's dedicated tool.

Please note that this password is of great importance, since it is the one that you then use to unlock the safe and access the data.

Then you can add passwords manually in the application or import them from the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer).

To do this, simply click on the “File” menu, then on “Import passwords” and select one of the browsers offered (Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer).


In a few seconds, the service registers your data and becomes operational. It then automatically installs a Dashlane extension on each browser to allow automatic data filling.

In the “Passwords” tab, you can see all the passwords that Dashlane has automatically retrieved from the browser.


In the "Security" tab, Dashlane lists all your passwords and displays a security score for each of them. You can thus see the level of security of your different accounts.


Finally in the "Personal data" tab, you can configure the automatic entry. Here you can enter your personal information. When a site asks for your information, clicking on a field opens a Dashlane pop-up and choose the appropriate information.


Here you now know how to get started with the dashlane manager, to find out more, see the article: How to use Dashlane.