5 tips to keep your data safe

security data 1
security data 1

Last updated: December 26, 2022

On the Internet, there are many risks that put your data at risk. The preservation of your digital information is not to be taken lightly. So how do you keep your data safe online?

Manage your passwords with software

The human brain can only remember so many passwords. So, too often, Internet users reuse a password on several sites. Be aware that this is a very bad practice. Because once hackers hack a website and its database of email addresses and passwords, they will use those same passwords to log in to other sites.

And if you use the same password to log into Facebook, Google, Twitter, and online bank accounts then you're done!

The solution is rather touse a password manager which allows you to centralize your passwords, encrypt them and store them in a safe place on the hard drive. The two popular password managers are 1Password, Dashlane et LastPass.

Use two-factor authentication whenever possible

Another way to protect your accounts is to make sure that even if someone gets your password, they won't be able to log in.

To do this, you must use theauthenticationtwo-factor n. This is one of the features offered by a large number of online service providers. It adds an additional element of authentication to the most commonly used methods.

The first way, usually, is your password. The second authentication factor is sending an SMS or a code by e-mail.

Encrypt the contents of your disk

Protecting your data also means making it inaccessible in the event of loss or theft. A user account with password and with a two-factor authentication is insufficient. The solution is to use encryption.

You can use full disk protection using Bitlocker  or individual encryptions of files or folders using EFS (Encryption File System). There is also VeraCrypt to protect folders on the hard drive or the contents of an external hard drive.

Put a sticker on your webcam

Hackers are using Webcams more and more because most computers are now equipped with them as standard. So to protect yourself, there is no miracle: use an antivirus, avoid hanging out on questionable sites, in short, secure your computer.

But the best technique is still to cover the “eye” of the camera with a sticker.

Encrypt your phone calls and text messages

Telecommunications services provided by companies are not secure and can be spied on with relatively inexpensive equipment. This means that your own government, a foreign government, as well as criminals and hackers can listen to your phone calls and read your messages.

Therefore, I advise you to install the Signa appL. it is recommended by Edward Snowden among other things, allow encrypt your SMS exchanges as well as your voice exchanges.