The risks of saving passwords in your web browser

risks password saves browser
risks password saves browser

Last updated: June 29, 2022

That's it, we live in a connected world and who says connected world, says a lot of applications and services that will depend on your phone or the internet. In this case, they need to be secured.
Indeed, these services ask us for accounts and especially passwords and not all of them have the same expectation in terms of security. Some even require you to change the password at frequent intervals.

With all those passwords starting to pile up, it's normal to sometimes lose focus and forget some. So, when your browser asks you if you want to save them, you may be tempted to say yes.

Except that if you do that, you will be exposed to risks. Indeed, you can quickly have problems in case of sharing and we will explain all this to you in this article, as well as give you an alternative.

A solution that may seem easy

We just said, save their passwords directly on their browser, it may seem easy to say the least. Indeed, your browser offers it to you even when you connect.

A small pop-up appears at the top of your screen and you can choose to save the password. You can also click on “never” if you absolutely do not want to save the password.
Who hasn't been tempted to jump in and save their password? It's true, it avoids forgetting it and embarking on the procedure of recovering this password which can be tedious.

Once registered, you don't even have to type the password and your username, your browser takes care of everything, it's still very practical. The problem is that it is not without risks.

Passwords available for hackers

Indeed, you have to see that if you save your password in your browser, there is absolutely no security. Indeed, anyone who accesses your computer can use them as they please.

You may then say to yourself that as it is at home, there are no problems. But think of one thing, computer hackers. Indeed, if it succeeds in infecting your computer, it is Ali Baba's cave.

It will not only be able to log in to all your accounts for which you have saved the password, but that's not all. In fact, by digging a little your browser folders, it will also be able to find the passwords.

From then on, he will simply be able to test these passwords for a whole host of services and potentially enter payment services like PayPal. He can also impersonate you with a whole host of organizations.

Never save your credit card!

We take this opportunity to make a small aside on another possible function on the browser, the fact ofregister your credit card and as you can imagine, it's a really bad idea to do that.

Indeed, there again, if ever a pirate manages to break into your computer, you simply give him access to your credit card. You suspect then that you risk having a big surprise on your bank account.

Use a digital safe

But then how? Well, there is a ready-made solution to your problems, the so-called digital safe. It is a software which is very practical for you. In fact, he will store all your passwords.

Among the best digital password safes, we find:

Thus, in a few clicks, you will be able to find all those you want and never forget them. In addition, these software generally have a mobile version that allows you to take your digital safe anywhere.

So all you have to do is remember your password to access your digital safe. Moreover, some will even offer you random passwords which are extremely difficult for hackers to decipher.