Create an installation USB key Windows 11

installer windows11 usb stick

Dernière mise à jour: 18 mai 2024

The installation of Windows 11 can be done with a USB key. Indeed, the creation of it is easy and accessible to all. However, installation media may be essential in the event of a computer crash.

Therefore, to facilitate the installation of Windows 11, Microsoft offers the design of an installation USB key. The procedure is simple and above all quick. So, do you want to know the different steps to follow to create the installation USB key ? It is in this very detailed and complete guide that you will have all the essential information ...

How to create an installation USB key Windows 11 ?

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The provision of mandatory tools

To successfully carry out this creation, you need to have a few elements such as: Internet connection, a good computer running Windows and a good blank USB stick.

The latter must have a capacity of at least 8 GB. You will need to ensure that you meet these conditions before starting the process.

Download the media creation tool Windows 11

This is the very first step in the creation process. It consists of download the installation media creation tool. You should know that it is a completely free tool if you download it from Microsoft's servers.

Launch the downloaded file

After connecting the USB key to your computer, launch the downloaded file MediaCreationToolW11.exe. It is very important, even mandatory, to accept the terms of use.

Choice of your languages

The utility has the ability to detect the language automatically. This is done depending on your computer settings. From then on, it is no longer necessary to choose the architecture of your processor. Indeed, Windows 11 is now only available in 64-bit.

Choosing your media

This step asks you where do you want to place the installation files. You can place them as a disk image. This file also allows you to create a startup key with software like Rufus, Balena Etcher.

To save time, you can directly create a startup key. For this, you will need select the USB flash memory disk.

Choose the USB key

For this part, you will have to select the letter corresponding to the connected USB key. However, if you want to change the key, all you need to do is plug in another key and validate it.
Next, you'll refresh the list of drives. Please note that this option will erase all the content of the key.

Downloading the installation files Windows 11

The installation files of Windows 11, for their part, are downloaded. Wait a few minutes!

Then they are checked automatically. After that, there is a step to configure your USB drive.

Once your USB installation key is Windows 11 created, click Finish.

After clicking the “Finish” button, the installation USB stick of Windows 11 will become operational.
There you go, you now know almost everything about how to create an installation USB key for Windows 11 !