Windows 11 : all the new features

windows 11 2
windows 11 2

Last updated: January 1, 2023

The long waiting period has just ended; Microsoft finally launches the new version of Windows and its share of pleasant surprises! Many innovations have been made to improve further Windows 11.

This new OS becomes more of a primary tool for remote collaboration, work and leisure. So do you want discover the new features of Windows 11 ? Do you want to know the advantages of these? It is in this detailed guide that you will have all the necessary information.

The big news of Windows 11

To promote creativity, design and the experience of Windows 11 were well simplified. THE graphic theme of Windows 11 is much clearer and more readable than that of the previous version.

Other novelties are also made in order to boost its development.

A brand new "Start" menu

The Start menu always remains present in the Windows 11. However, it is in the center of the office. Consequently, it gains more readability compared to that of Windows 10. Additionally, the “Start” Menu icons are transparent with rounded corners. They are well spaced from each other. As a result, the user will be able to pin them according to their preferences.

Multitasking is increased tenfold

Windows 11 improved multitasking for more productivity. Thus, it allows up to three application windows to be displayed simultaneously on the screen. This is possible with the function snap layouts.

In addition, with the Snap Groups device, you have the advantage of reverting to an arrangement already in use. The user can also save this layout in a virtual office in order to retrieve it later from his workstation to his tablet.

A good integration of Microsoft Teams

Another positive point of Windows 11 is that the Microsoft Teams is integrated into it. The tool will appear as an interface. The latter is simplified and accessible from the task bar. In addition, it integrates video, audio and chat calls. You can also do the multi-party videoconference. This will obviously be the free version.

Many widgets for information

Windows 11 has decided to introduce information widgets such as weather, news, etc. These can be arranged according to user preferences.

A new and practical game engine

Windows 11 Don’t forget the gamers. For this purpose, it supports DirectX 12 Ultimate. In addition, Microsoft has added technologies from Xbox like Direct Storage. This will speed up the loading speed of games. Then there is HDR which introduces some broadcasting with high definition.

A strategic marketplace integrating applications Android

With the new Windows 11, the Microsoft Store is completely revised. The marketplace further integrates numerous applications and games. This is the case for applications like Discord, TeamViewer, Acrobat, LibreOffice...

In addition, there are multiple movie offerings. If we are interested in the UWP side, we notice that there are many newcomers such as Reddit, TikTok, Tumblr and Wikipedia… The latter are novelties rising to the number one rank.

There you go, you now know almost everything about the brand new Windows 11. All you have to do is install it on your PC!