Everything you don't know about USB drives

USB use
USB use

The majority of people know very well that the USB key is a removable storage medium, this is what makes them think that a USB key can only store files from any system with USB sockets or transfer data between computers.

Or the USB stick can be used in several different ways.

Today I'm going to show you that there are other more interesting functions that you can use with a simple USB stick.

1.Transform your USB key to a RAM memory stick

A USB flash drive can be used to improve the performance of your computer and increase the speed of its operation. The trick is to use a USB stick to increase your computer's memory and boost its performance using eBoostr software. To find out more, I invite you to read this article: the use of a USB key as a bar.

2.Secure your PC with a USB key

You can also use a USB key to secure your PC. THE'Rohos Logon Key utility will make your computer automatically open when you insert the USB drive and lock when you remove it. You can therefore leave your computer with complete peace of mind. To find out more, I invite you to read the following article: the security of your pc with a USB key

3.Create a rootkit USB key

Another function that can be used with a USB key is recovering computer passwords. The USB drive runs automatically and recovers most of the passwords stored on your computer. It is really very useful especially when you lose passwords.  Check out the steps to create a rootkit USB stick: creation of a rootkit USB key.

4.Inject a backdoor into a machine Windows with a USB key

You can also use a USB key to access your PC remotely from any machine. To create your USB backdoor follow the steps in our article: take control of a PC remotely with a USB key.

5.Take your favorite software in a USB key without having to install it

Finally, another function that might interest you: it is to use software stored on your USB key without having to install them. To do this, you have to install the free program PortableApps .

It then becomes very easy to add your favorite software to the portable application launcher "PortableApps". A tool mainly intended for developers which enriches and completes the reference software suite in the field. Open Source software PortableApps already offers a very wide range of portable applications: Firefox, LibreOffice, Google Chrome, Skype or Dropbox. This launcher allows you to use the software stored on the USB stick from another PC without having to install them.

As we saw previously, a USB key can be used for more than just storing data. It has other advantages. If you have other functions of a USB stick, please share them with us in a comment. 🙂