Cacaoweb: French streaming paradise

CocoaWeb 2
CocoaWeb 2

Do you like to watch Streaming Movies and Videos? If you share the same passion for cinema as I do, you will no doubt be delighted by this discovery. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Cacaoweb: the paradise of French streaming

What is Cacoweb?

Cocoaoweb is a free software Which allows you to watch movies, series in streaming and store all kinds of files online. It also offers to listen to music in streaming as well as to share your files on Cacaoweb's servers.

Cacaoweb, allows you to unleash viewing platforms and watch your videos in HD quality, it will also allow you to watch your streaming videos without time constraints and in peace.

Thanks to its download interface, the software will allow you to share your own videos on Cacaoweb's servers, so that all connected people can access them.

To carry out all these operations, downloading the software is essential. The application works with the most used browsers, namely Firefox, edge, or even Google Chrome, thus available for Windows, OS X and Linux.

How to use Cacoweb?

First of all download Cacoweb on your computer. Once the application is downloaded, a web page opens with the local IP address.

Indeed, unlike other sites, streaming is done via the downloaded software, Cacaoweb works directly in your web browser locally.
Then, just type the name of the movie or series in the search bar. A list of links will be offered to you, with the choice of language and a note concerning the video quality of the file. For series, you will already have to choose the season and episodes.

Finally select the link of your choice and start watching the video.

The huge Cacaoweb advantage over its competitors, is theabsence of any advertisements coming to disrupt navigation.