The 6 best apps to watch movies for free in French

free movie apps french streaming
free movie apps french streaming

The age of streaming is upon us. Moving from cinema and cable television to the Internet, a handful of paid movie streaming apps, such as Netflix and Hulu, have become extremely popular.

However, there are many free movie apps that will allow you to watch and download movies. All for free and legally. So, without further ado, here are the best free movie streaming apps.


Popcornflix is ​​a premium free movie app, which offers a huge collection of movies for free streaming. This application to watch movies and series for free puts at your disposal a rich catalog, carefully classified by categories, thus facilitating your navigation and your choice.

In addition to regular movies, Popcornflix stands out for its exclusive content, the Popcornflix Originals. These original films are of high quality and guarantee you a smooth streaming experience without any technical problems.

But Popcornflix is ​​not just a free movie streaming app. It goes beyond that by also offering a range of TV series to stream for free. So, for those looking for an application to watch movies and series for free, Popcornflix turns out to be a wise choice.

Download:  Popcornflix on  Android  | iOS  | Xbox One   | Amazon Kindle Fire


plex presents itself as a free movie app versatile, compatible with virtually all multimedia devices. This platform is not limited to offering movies and TV series for free streaming. It goes a step further by also offering the ability to stream webcasts, news and podcasts, expanding the range of accessible content.

One point to consider when using Plex is the requirement for account linking before you can start streaming. However, this initial step ensures a more personalized viewing experience.

Although Plex has a fairly basic search engine, it encourages real exploration of content. You will be able to discover new films and series according to your preferences. Additionally, this free movie app has a smart resume feature, remembering where you left off for each title. This feature allows you to easily resume watching where you left off, optimizing your streaming experience.

Download: Plex on Android  | iOS  | Roku  | Amazon Kindle FireXbox One

3. Yidium

Yidio is more than just a free movie application, it is a real aggregator that makes it easier to discover films. This platform has a particularity: instead of directly offering free movies, Yidio serves as a guide to other free movie apps where you can watch movies online at no cost.

With its massive catalog that encompasses content from multiple free movie apps, Yidio offers an impressive selection. However, it should be noted that many paid movies and subscription movie apps are also listed on the platform. Nevertheless, thanks to Yidio's efficient management tools, you can, with a few adjustments, unearth thousands of free movies.

Download:  Yidio on  Android  | iOS  | Amazon Kindle Fire

4.Sony Crackle

Sony Pictures, a major player in the film industry, offers an exceptional experience of free movies online through Sony Crackle. This platform is perfectly in line with Sony's reputation, offering one of the largest collections of free films on the market, combining both timeless classics and recent hits.

Sony Crackle also stands out for the excellent performance of its video player, offering simple and smooth use. Although the free movie service is ad-supported, the ads are not intrusive. They seem like a small price to pay for access to the quality content that Sony Crackle offers.

In addition to movies, Crackle also offers you the opportunity to watch various TV shows for free, thereby increasing the breadth of your entertainment options.

However, it is important to note that Sony Crackle is only accessible in the United States. For international users wishing to access this platform, the use of a VPN is necessary to bypass these geographic restrictions. So no matter where you are in the world, you can always enjoy the incredible range of content that Sony Crackle has to offer.

Download:  Sony Crackle on  Android  | iOS  | Xbox One  | Windows  | Amazon Kindle Fire

5. PlutoTV

Pluto TV stands out as a free movie app with an impressive array of features. Despite its richness, it offers a simple and friendly user interface. Upon opening the app, you are greeted with a range of free TV channels offered by Pluto TV, including a tab specifically dedicated to free movies and TV series.

Pluto TV is not limited to on-demand content, it also offers live channels where you can watch free movies while they are broadcast. This platform further enriches its offering with a range of free television channels covering a variety of other content.

The movie player is sleek and intuitive, featuring French subtitles for the majority of free movies, thus guaranteeing a complete viewing experience even for non-English speakers.

Another advantage of Pluto TV is its personalization feature. By logging in, you can tailor Pluto TV's interface and content to your preferences. So, whether you are a fan of old cinema classics or a fan of new television releases, Pluto TV will meet your needs.

In short, Pluto TV stands out as a complete free movie application, combining simplicity, diversity and personalization for an optimal viewing experience.

Download:  Pluto TV on  Android  | iOS    | Windows /Xbox One   | Amazon Kindle Fire


Vudu is an online streaming platform, owned by Walmart, known for its huge selection of movies and TV series. It offers a unique combination of rental, movie purchase, and a range of free, ad-supported titles.

In its 'Movies On Us' section, Vudu provides you with hundreds of high-quality films and TV series, completely free. Although this content is funded by advertisements, these are generally unobtrusive and do not detract from the viewing experience.

Another notable feature of Vudu is its exceptional streaming quality. Films and series are available in up to 4K UHD quality, with support for Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos for complete audiovisual immersion. Its user interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy to navigate between different content categories.

Vudu also offers a unique feature, 'Disc to Digital', which allows users to convert their physical DVDs and Blu-rays to digital copies in the Vudu library, for a small fee.

It is important to note that Vudu is only accessible in the United States. International users wishing to access this rich library of content should use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions.

Download:  Seen on  Android  | iOS  | Xbox One / Windows