How to download streaming video?

video streaming download
video streaming download

Last updated: October 16, 2022

The latest episode of your favorite series has come out and you obviously want to watch it. But you are hesitating between downloading in torrent and the specter of the evil HADOPI or streaming but your internet connection is not fast enough, it will take a long time to load the video.

Unfortunately, video streaming sites do not allow direct download of videos. Then how download streaming video locally, so you can read them at any time, even without an Internet connection.

Today there is a solution.Snooper URL is a program designed specifically to help you download these streaming videos. 

Snooper URL is a free program that allows you to recover the links of video files often well hidden in the source code of the web page of your video. Because it's not in the best interests of streaming sites to help you download what they're hosting. So they play hide and seek with you.

In fact he finds everything, even what seems unnecessary. It is up to you to find among the long list of items scanned by the software, the right stream to download the video. But it's still very simple.

URL Snooper therefore fully scans the page and finds anything and everything. But sometimes it doesn't even find the URL that it craves! A shame, especially since it sometimes takes several minutes for the software to fall on this famous URL.

So if Snooper URL doesn't find anything, you're good to look for another link hosting your long-awaited video.

If really URL Snooper is too slow to find the exact link of the video, you can always try VideoDownloaderHelper. This extension for Firefox will search for all videos displayed on the page displayed in the web browser. So there is a good chance that she will also find the link to your episode or movie. If it is, of course.

Download streaming videos

Find a video to download

Go to your favorite French streaming site, like DPStream. Choose your movie and click on a link to be taken to the video hosting site. If the link is still valid, great! Copy the address of the page, we will need it right away.

Use URL Snooper

Launch URL Snooper and paste the URL from the previous step into the bar at the very bottom of the software. Then click on Download.


Wait more or less long, the time for the software to find the famous stream of your video. Don't be fooled by the amount of items found. In the "Protocol" column, locate QuicktimeMedia file ou RealMedia rtsp stream. If that doesn't work, launch the video from your browser and in URL Snooper, do Analyze. And wait ...

Use download video

Once you have found the correct stream, right click on it and click on play this url. It should open your browser and automatically download the video. Obviously, the download time depends on the size of the file and your connection.

By checking the file size you will also be able to make sure that you are downloading the correct video and not an advertisement or the like.

Once the video is downloaded, you can watch via VLC for example. Usually the format will be MP4. You shouldn't have to worry about watching it on another player. Of course, you can download as many videos as you want.