Transfer all your programs to another PC in two clicks

pc program transfer
pc program transfer

You want to reinstall your system Windows, but you have a ton of software installed. To avoid wasting time, why not reinstall all your programs at once, via a program transfer software.

The solution exists and it is called PickMeApp Pro.

This software allows you to make a saving your programs to reinstall them all at once on a new computer. All you have to do is install it on the new system and let it operate.

For some applications recognized by the program, it is even possible to keep your configuration preferences in memory. In two clicks, you will find yourself at home on any computer!

PickMeApp was free at the beginning of its development, but it is no longer. The Pro version officially costs 24 euros.

Transfer your programs to another PC with PickmeApp pro

Download and install PickmeApp pro

First of all, access the site, click on Download and download the Pro version of the software;
it is the only one that allows you to acquire your software in packages. There is no trial version so purchase the software by clicking on buy at the bottom. You receive the activation key by e-mail.

Then install the software and enter your key with the email you used to order.

Select the programs to transfer

After downloading and installing, choose in the left part of the program interface the programs which you want to transfer to another PC.

Before starting to capture applications, let's go to the Settings menu...then to the Advanced tab where you will need to check the two boxes in the Migration section. This will save your settings and preferences for programs that are compatible with this feature. Don't forget to validate with OK.

Saving programs

Return to the main window and for each software you want to back up, click Acquire. Depending on the size of your installation folder, the process should take between a few seconds and a few minutes per software...You will then see the captured software appear in the right columns.

Wait a few minutes while the software collects the Setup files then click on Save As Exe.

Reinstall your programs to another PC

When you want to install the captured programs on your new PC, simply launch the EXE file and your programs will be installed like magic.