Tips to transfer WhatsApp data fromAndroid to iOS

transfer whatsapp iphone messages android
transfer whatsapp iphone messages android

If you have switched from a device Android to an iPhone you will then be forced to transfer all your WhatsApp data as well as your history. WhatsApp is currently very popular and when you change your phone, you would surely want to keep your data. In particular, your memories, certain content related to your private life and your professional life.

However, there are methods and tips for you to back up all your data on your new phone. In addition, it is possible to transfer your data from iPhone to Android and vice versa. How to perform this transfer is the topic of our article, read it till the end.

Collect your data by saving it on a computer

This practice is probably the easiest and most effective, if you have a computer. For it, use dr.fone et back up your files WhatsApp on your computer. Everything will be intact, your photos, chats, attachments and any other media files.

Once this operation is done through Dr.Fone and your WhatsApp is saved on your computer, you will be able to restore your data on your iPhone. Indeed, at this stage, it is possible to restore whatsapp files, regardless of your device.

Use email to transfer data to iPhone

This method is less efficient than the previous one because it allows you to transfer a limited amount of data to your iPhone. It is not possible to transfer all your chats and files at once. However, it still allows you to select your most important data and be able to transfer only what is essential.

To do this, start by opening your WhatsApp application and a conversation, then you will find three points at the beginning of the screen on which you will click on “ Export chat ". Since you can't transfer everything, you start to select messages that concern you most and you send via Gmail.

AppTrans application to transfer your conversations

It is a very easy to use method, which allows you to recover and save your data.

To start you must have on your computer Windows or Mac application AppTrans. Then you connect your devices Android as well as the iPhone to your computer via USB cable.

After that is done, you go to " Transfer App » then you choose the option « Transfer to Phone ».

Another window opens, you put your device Android as the source and your iPhone as the target, then you select “ To transfer ».

You go after, select the application in question, in your case it is WhatsApp then you click on " Next ».

You just have to follow the instructions that will be displayed to you and your transfer will be successful.

Capture your chats in order to transfer them to iPhone

If you're in a hurry or don't have much to save, just save your photos, messages or other and send them to iPhone naturally. This method is in this case very practical and fast.

In case of important messages, you have the option to capture your chats and then send them to your iPhone. Discover the best free VPNs shared by Wizcase experts.

Change WhatsApp account to save your conversations

Another simple trick that will allow you to transfer your data to your iPhone from your device Android. When you change your phone number, your WhatsApp application still allows you to backup and restore all your chats. So enjoy this advantage of restoring your data to your iPhone easily.

  • To get started, add a new SIM card and get both cards working.
  • Thereafter, you will open your WhatsApp application and you will go to the " Settings "Then in" Account " then " Change number ».
  • After following all the necessary steps to change your number, you click on " Next ».
  • Two fields will appear in which you will insert the old and the new telephone number.
  • Once this is done, a code will be sent to your new number that you will not immediately copy.
  • Finally, you remove the new old phone sim card, then you place it in the new iPhone and now you use the code in order to recover all your data on your iPhone.

This article has been for a good guide, if you bought a new iPhone and want to transfer your data to it. There are many solutions and tips.

On the other hand, we have selected for you the most reliable, those which are the most practical and the most effective.