Top 5 tools to turn on and off a computer remotely

Last updated: September 4, 2023

Looking for a way to turn a computer on and off remotely to perform critical or urgent tasks?

This is a technique that will awaken new telecommuting possibilities. Thanks to Wake-on-LAN technology you will be able to turn on your computer using its network connection. However, you will need to enable Wake-on-LAN in the BIOS.

How does Wake On Lan work? Windows ?

The possibility of lighting a PC remote does not rely on magic. This is possible thanks to the Wake-on-LAN networking standard, which is supported by most Ethernet connections.

When enabled, Wake-on-LAN allows a computer – or even your smartphone – to send a magic packet, the equivalent of an "ON signal", to another PC on the same local network.

How to activate Wake On Lan on Windows ?

Wake-on-LAN must be enabled in the PC motherboard BIOS. To activate it on Windows, follow these steps:

  • First, open Settings Windows .
  • Then click on Update and security .
  • Then click Recovery.
  • In the section " Advanced start" , Click on the button Restart now .
  • Now click Troubleshoot -> Advanced options .
  • Click on the option UEFI Firmware Settings.
  • Finally, click the button To restart .

In the firmware settings, navigate to power options and activate the “Wake on LAN” (WoL) function. The feature may have a slightly different name because most manufacturers build their firmware differently.

The best tools to turn on a PC remotely

Here are some of the best Wake on Lan tools that can turn on and shut down a pc remotely.


Anydesk is more than a Wake on Lan, it is a tool that allows you to remotely access another device to turn it on, off, share screens.

But above all, it allows you to connect directly to another device to work on it (while giving you the possibility of keeping one of the two screens off, so that no one knows what you are doing).

AnyDesk is compatible with many operating systems, allowing you to switch from Mac to Windows in the blink of an eye. Perfect for sharing files without going to the cloud.
And all in a secure version, with encryption keys. Professional versions are paid, but you have access to a free license for personal use.


Why bother looking for the MAC addresses of the computers you want to control remotely when a tool will automatically record them? This is what wake-on-lan offersEMCO Wake-ON-LAN and it is even capable of fetching them from computers already turned off on the network!

It also allows you to schedule automatic and recurring executions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The software is quite intuitive even though it has many windows opening up so many possibilities.

The free version, however, is limited to five stations (the paid version is very useful for extended networks). If the tool is dedicated to waking up, you will also find on the Emco website a tool to shut down computers remotely, with the same configuration as the first: Emco Remote Shutdown.


ManageEngine is one of the simplest tools to use in this selection.

After having entered the BIOS to enable power-on related settings on the PCI card, you just need to know the MAC and IP addresses of the computers to be managed, then anything (or almost) becomes possible.

The tool is capable of automating the waking up of machines (computers and network devices) by indicating details about them. Apart from planned operations, it is of course possible to plan a manual start. But where it becomes most interesting is that it allows you to act on a single device, or on several simultaneously. This is enough to ensure that everyone will find their computer in good working order as soon as they arrive at their workstation in the morning!


AquilaWOL is a powerful tool that can help enhance remote access or computer control capabilities. But it is not limited to these functions, which are already very practical. It provides you with event days, ways to scan connected computers, and gives you access to system tray notifications.

It even allows you to manage some network routing concerns such as scanning the latter in search of MAC addresses and IP.

Programmable, usable for several computers and compatible (for certain actions) with Linux, AquilaWOL knows how to be very useful. You even have access to an emergency button that allows you to shut down all computers on the network with a single click. Open source, translated into French, this tool is often recommended for its easy and multiple use.

Wake ON Lan for Android

Most Wake on LAN requires a second computer to wake up the first. There is, however, a application Android which allows you to perform the same operations from a phone or tablet. However, it is essential that users configure Wake on Lan support on their network or computer.

The Wake on LAN tool allows you to automate waking up computers using Tasker or Llama streaming.

However, it remains possible that it works better with a Ethernet connection only with Wi-Fi. It will be up to you to test the options.