My PC does not start anymore so what should I do?

my pc won't start so what should i do?
my pc won't start so what should i do?

Your PC does not start anymore? You don't know why? Do you want to solve this problem? In this article, I will show you some tips that will help you solve your problem and start your computer normally.

There are three main reasons for this problem:

  • A failure with the power supply.
  • The hardware is defective.
  • Windows files are damaged.

Just follow these steps to fix this problem and start your PC normally again.

1. Power problem

If your PC does not start when you press the power button and you don't hear any noise, then the problem is with the power supply.

Unplug your computer and connect another electrical device (a fan or radio) to the same electrical wall outlet. If the device also does not turn on, the problem is with the electrical outlet, not the computer.

Check that all cables are securely connected and that none are loose. A loose cable may be enough to prevent the computer from functioning.

2. Hardware problem

If you hear the noise of fans and hard drives but the screen does not turn on, then here we can conclude that the problem is with the hardware and the causes of the failure of the latter can be numerous.

Check your computer screen

The best solution for this is to connect your screen to another computer! Also check that the cable connecting the screen to the tower is properly connected.

Listen to the sequence of beeps to identify the origin of the failure

When your computer is turned on, the BIOS takes an inventory of the equipment present in the computer and performs a test in order to verify the correct functioning of the equipment (memory card, keyboard, hard disk ...).

If the bios detects an error, it will shut down the system and it begins to emit an audible signal, in the form of a sequence of beeps allowing the origin of the failure to be identified.

Test the graphics card

Consider moving the graphics card to another computer to find out if it is working fine. If you hear the DVD player spinning, some USB peripherals turn on (mouse sensor) then the graphics card is functional.

3. Software problem

Your computer turns on, but after displaying Windows logo, it freezes.

In this case, the problem is related to new hardware or a new program or a damaged system file. To resolve this problem, restart your pc and press F8, in the menu Windows advanced options select "last known valid configuration" and hit enter.