Shut down your PC remotely with an iPhone

turn off pc iphone
turn off pc iphone

Have you never been comfortably settled in your bed only to find that you haven't turned off your PC? No problem ! With some applications, you can use your iphone as a remote control for shut down your pc.
So when you forget toturn off your computer, you can do it remotely through your iPhone.

How to turn off a PC with iPhone?

To control your computer with an iPhone, you need to connect them first. For this, you will need to download an application to connect devices that share the same network.
You can do it in just a few steps.

  • Go to website Remote Off on your PC.
  • Click on 'Download OffHelper'.
  • Once downloaded, install it. It shouldn't be complicated as there is nothing to configure. At the end of the installation, you will have this window:
  • On your iPhone, download Off Remote. There is a version for free and a version paying. If you don't mind the ad and you just need to turn off your PC every now and then, the free version is more than enough.
  • Make sure your computer and iPhone are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Launch the app on your iPhone and select your computer.
  • So here you are in the remote control interface of the application. From here you just have to press " To restart "To restart your computer, and" Shutdown "to shut it down remotely!

And There you go ! With this application for iPhone you will have a convenient way to remotely shut down all the computers in your WiFi network. You can now sleep soundly!